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Chapter 1 - How it all begun

1.1. A long way back to 1998

It begun after a severe 5Q Clan defeat on an European QWTF League. Spirit was playing as 5Q Defense Captain ( a recent promotion as a reward for his dedication to 5Q, so leader RainLord said in a meeting that took place in Lisbon ) and even with a few authorized changes, and some unauthorized which usually demolishes a defense, 5Q lost, heavily.

Then the mail came. Bloodhunter criticizing Zonzo in an offensive manner, stating that he changed position and class during the match, and that we had lost because of his behaviour.

Then the counter-mail came. Spirit stating that every change of position and class Zonzo did during the match was authorized. Furthermore, the only player that changed class and position without authorization was Bloodhunter ( easily verified with the match logs ), that changed from soldier in spiral to engineer in ramps on a 2fort5 match!

Of course this ended with Spirit asking to be relieved of his Defense Captain status.

Leader Rainlord decided to end the clan, without even consulting some of his fellows co-founders, former leaders like Nitro, just to make an example. No mailing list, no internet page, no servers, no nothing. Everything was under his control so he paralyzed 5Q.

"So what do we do now ?" asked most of 5Q players, now on the street looking for some break that would let them play with each other again.

1.2. The Gathering

On a special reunion at Nitro's place in S.Pedro do Estoril near Lisbon, Nitro, Zonzo, MDK and Spirit, the meeting attendants, all agreed with the necessity to create a new clan and invite all of the former 5Q to join in, obvious exceptions not included.

Spirit, that travelled over 300Km to attend the meeting, came up with a name that would be well-known and respected throughout the following years => K1CK.

Now the big and most important discussion begun. Should we use nick[K1cK] or [K1cK]nick ? :)

Oddly enough, this nearly compromised the creation of K1ck Clan!

But if we weren't able to solve this matter, there was no point in creating a new clan, so with Zonzo's wise position and mediation, we came to an agreement and nick[K1cK] it stayed.

Clan created on paper, we moved on to create the supporting structures ( internet site, mailing list, message board, irc channel, etc ) and invite some players to join in.

With Nitro, Spirit, Zonzo, MDK, FastKiller, Evilman, Iceman, FireGirl, Dracul, Zaydor and the invited Barney and Scanner as free-lancers, all former 5Q players, we had a clan.

1.3. The Inauguration

On the 11th October, 1998 K1ck were born. We broke the champagne bottle against the ship, and set sail smoothly. We were able to play together again, under a different name.

A few matches against some of our neighbours, showed us that we hadn't lost the touch. No defeats, and a nice collection of frags and flags to exhibit as trophies on the fireplace.

But a shadow hang over us.

Chapter 2 - K1ck's Strength Origin

2.1. The Treachery

We couldn't believe what showed up in our mailboxes. A mail from BloodHunter bitching and claming the 5Q re-opening, "at last without the poor-skilled players and rotten individuals ( podres in Portuguese :P ), everybody that felt like a real 5Q was invited to return, bla, bla ,bla, honour, discipline, bla, bla, bla, we're proud etc etc".

Zaydor left without a word of goodbye or even thank you, Dracul, our great designer that created all of the K1ck symbols, couldn't find the words to say he was returning to 5Q, which touched us, Iceman left and FireGirl asked for our understanding, which we did ( we remained friends throughout the years ) and left.

2.2. Back to the Drawing Board

With only 6 players ( Evilman stayed to our surprise, which we took under great consideration ), we had to do something if we wanted to keep on playing.

On a meeting we had to decide what to do, several choices were on the table. Put an end to our career, we all join another clan, each one of us feel free to do what he wanted or go on with the K1ck project.

Funnily, BloodHunter showed us the way. "Are we going to let them pull this one on us without getting punished ?" someone asked - "NO WAY!", everybody shouted.

From this moment on, we had what was lacking since day 0 - A Purpose.

2.3. A Hard Day's Night

"And we've been working like dogs". Over and over, throughout many nights in a row, Spirit, Nitro and Zonzo took the first three places ( nevermind the order :P ) on public servers, obtaining great publicity to K1ck Clan. Soon, we draw the community's attention and interested players in joining our clan showed up.

Dr.Nice and Lemming joined in, Boggie's brother Al Capone also, and we started the tryouts of some Trainees.

We were back in business again.

Chapter 3 - The Completion of Our Purpose

3.1. A Shot at the European Title

After winning SE IGL, and with only a few weeks of playing together with the new elements, we had a shot at the European Title against LUV on the 21st February 1999.

Dreadful defeat in 2 matches played in neutral ground, at Spirit's American Clan (WIG) server. One of our favorite maps, well6, turned out to be a real nightmare. Our opponents played with 3 snipers, pushing us to our base. The confusion was total, too many ppl inside the fort and the result was a complete wash-out.

But we did learn our lesson.

3.2. Day of Defeat

We could use an old Portuguese saying, that translated is something like "To every pig comes his slaughtering day" but we won't be using it because it wouldn't be nice, and we're nice ppl :).

18th March 1999. The moment we were all waiting for was finally there. A K1ck-5Q match to be played. Our opponent's irc channel was scary. Lots of ppl with the [5Q] tag before their names, and we had only 8 players for a 9vs9 match.

So we did what we had done so many times before… Asked Scanner ( our favorite free-lancer ) to step in one more time and play the match for our team. So the line-up was : Spirit, Nitro, Warrior ( Zonzo ), GhostCom, MDK, FastKiller, Lemming, Dr.Nice ( Side played on Well ) and Scanner.

Before the match, 5Q.Rainlord refused Spirit's proposition to setup a new date for another 5Q-K1ck match, without ever knowing what would happen in this one.

5Q started the 2fort5 with a strong attack and took an early 1-0 advantage, always hard to recover on 2fort5. But with some magic and beatiful combinations we turned the match around to a 3-1 victory. Close, though…

At half-time, FastKiller ( our "special" public relations that nagged everybody, without the smallest consideration for their feelings :P ) was foretelling a disaster in well6, reminding us of the K1cK-LUV match. But our confidence was extremely high and we wouldn't let the moment that we'd been working so hard for, slip away.

No words to describe the fun we had with the 7-2 Well Victory. Spy stabs, Dual Scouts combinations, you name it, we did it! And the defense held on well, even when they made the final assault on our fort.

From our page "This match proved that TF is a collective game, where the "act as a team" attitude means more than individual skills. It doesn't matter if you're better on 1on1 soldier contests if you don't know how to keep your act together."

We had accomplished our goal in great style.

3.3. What do we do now ?

Well, the "rotten" and "poorly-skilled players" had their little vengeance, but a great threat was over our heads. Where to find motivation to go on and goals to accomplish ?

We joined ME IGL, played our favorite sport ( Nitro loved it ) kicking a few Trainees, experimented playing with Boggie on our side against X, and had our final QWTF match against GMBH on June the 6th.

And after a meeting in July 1999, Nitro and Spirit decided it was time to leave and the other members agreed on shuting down, leaving the clan to rest, as a reference to the QWTF Community.

3.4. The Matches

CDC, NWQ, LA, 5Q, CTU, FU, NMK, BS, MDQ and some others, on a National Level, we played them all, many, more than once, and won every match.

South Europe IGL Champions for several weeks, we never lost a match against European Clans at home. JM, GMBH, X, WeedKillers, GunSlingers and some more, all had to congratulate us for our home victories.

Sadly, our poor results on away matches in Europe can't be dissociated from our poor pings ( average 470!! against GMBH ), breakdancing every away match.

The defeats against S3X were the only National ones we suffered, and although we nearly had them once on a 2fort5 match, they stayed as our bęte noire.

Looking back, we have to thank CTU for producing some of the fine K1cK players that made it all possible. Dr.Nice, Lemming, Omni, Ghostcom, Porquito ( Side[K1cK] ) and Moose were once CTU players that decided to leave and join our clan, one by one ( sometimes in pairs :P ), throughout our existance. But never did we bribe a player ( well, maybe just a little bit with Dr.Nice and Lemming :P ) to leave his clan.

And of course, eternal thanks to RainLord and specially to BloodHunter for making it all possible. Give us a Hug, man :P.

Chapter 4 - The Resurrection

4.1. Returning to Q3F

After a long period of on-line gaming inactivity, Spirit returned in November 2001 to a QWTF world completely different from the one he has left back in 1999. And more important, on the edge of collapsing. Heeding Nitro's call, long time companion from many battles and a CTU player at the time, he joined CTU. A few matches played with CTU and later with LPBCC, just for the sake of old times, and what was obvious to everyone just happened. QWTF died.

An invitation in February 2002 from CyberJunkie to join Portuguese Q3F Clan .pt, where Spirit played alongside Kaira ( attack partners in CTU ), started the process that brought K1cK back to the highlights.

With Nitro and MDK helping out, the first K1ck setup was achieved. Spirit, Kaira, Nitro, MDK, Butre and Ultimate gave birth to a new K1ck project, this time in Q3F.

4.2. The Great Reopening

The 02nd of April, 2002 was the day that several ppl joined #k1ck, polished and remodelled ( we moved some furniture around, dusted a little and removed the spider webs ), to officially anounce that K1ck were back in town.

This time we started with far more players than before, and our first practice was, to say the least, funny. Only 2 or 3 members had Q3F background, 1 or 2 Q3 Arena experience and the rest were QWTF players. Ppl leaving and entering the server, problems with scripts, missing patches… We had that old feeling, from when we started playing TF back in 1997, again.

But funny or not, we were back!

Chapter 5 - Our First Q3F Leagues

5.1. Joining Q3FECL

Soon we joined our first league, a ladder type of league, where we had our first match, against =FAB=, a soon-to-be friendly clan. It went on rather well, and the victory brought us some confidence in our skills. A few scrimms to test some stuff, and a defeat in Q3FECL, just made us gain some balance to the challenges ahead.

In the meantime, Ninja decided to stop running Q3FECL, which brought us some disappointment…

We were just enjoying it!

5.2. BarrysWorld Q3FL

With only 2 official matches played, we joined BWQ3FL. 4th Division was our obvious destination, along with KOC, .pt, 5*, CNUT and =FAB=.

Another good start ( yes, we're good starters :P ) again with a =FAB=-K1cK match, pushed us to a 3 victories in a row record, assuring us a first half table placement which was rather good, so we thought at the time.

But the best was still to come. All matches played, there were 3 clans in the 2nd place, all with one victory against each other. Although the Season was already too long, KOC, K1ck and 5* were to engage a playoff decision when Igster announced the desqualification of 5* due to the dual clanning situation of some 5* members.

That gave us an isolated 2nd place and a well-deserved promotion to BWQ3FL's 3rd division next season. A truly nice deed on our debut.

Appendix A - QWTF Members

Dr. Nice



Once they were Famous. They were K1ck
AL Capone

Once they had the chance to be Famous. They were K1ck Trainees

Appendix B - Q3F Members





Once they were Famous. They were K1ck

Once they had the chance to be Famous. They were K1ck Prospects

Appendix C - Chronology

11th October - Inauguration.
23rd October - Zonzo changed his nick to Warrior.
29th December - Dr.Nice and Lemming joined K1cK.

January - Omni joined K1cK.
January - Moose joined K1cK.
01st February - GhostCom joined K1cK.
05th February - K1cK Joined SE IGL.
12th February - SE IGL Champions.
21st February - Match for the European Title against LUV.
18th March - Victory 10-3 against 5Q.
19th March - K1ck out of ex-Trainees Kaligulaminix and Voodoo2.
19th March - Promotions of Lemming to Full-Member and Side to Member.
01st April - Still leading SE IGL.
07th April - Promotions of Dr. Nice to Full-Member and Penetrator to Member.
26th April - Spirit appointed SE IGL Administrator by Heraklit.
03rd May - Promotion of [M]Finger to Member.
03rd May - K1ck out of ex-Trainees Alladin, Teknick and ex-Member Soul.
09th May - K1cK Joined ME IGL.
21st May - K1ck out of Bambu, Diesel, Absinto, Telekom and AL Capone.
06th June - Final TF Match against GMBH.

02nd April - K1cK's Welcome Back Party.
08th April - First Q3F practice as a team.
13th April - Initiate joined K1ck.
25th April - SheDevil promoted to Full-Member and Initiate to Member.
29th April - SheDevil created K1cK Q3F Server.
05th May - Veemon became our first Official Mascot.
09th May - Pomada Preta joined K1ck.
13th May - Our first victory took place on Q3EFCL against =FAB=.
30th May - K1ck out started. Sicko was the first.
13th June - HeDevil promoted to Full-Member.
13th June - Sanz and Pomada Preta promoted to Members.
13th June - Slay and Sux0r joined K1ck.
17th June - First match on BWQ3FL.
23rd June - Victory 7-5 against Portuguese Clan .pt.
16th July - Slay and Sux0r promoted to Members.
16th July - K1ck promoted to BWQ3FL 3rd Division on the debut.
16th July - End of Season.

August 2002 by Spirit[K1ck]