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Battlefield BC2 better than Call of Duty MW2
Written by   - Sunday, 25 April 2010  (17 Comments )
"Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a better game than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2."

It's with these 15 words that the site of The New York Times review begins on the latest title from EA/DICE.

K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Clan

For Seth Schiesel both games are quite good but it's like comparing the Burger King to McDonald's. We can see the analogy of the U.S., were they not impulsive consumers of fast food, and with this I ask:

So what's the difference between COD MF2 and BBC2 ?

I played both and i sincerely think that BBC2 is better too... In COD MW2 all the scenarios are war, besides in BBC2 we can see the war scenario but we can also see Nature Scenarios and there's just one truth : BBC2 is better in quality graphics than COD MW2. Take a look:

The mountain ahead in the first seconds of the video is amazing, all the environment is just Perfect! So when I stop and think about it I just ask myself this question:

If COD MF2 consumes 11Gb in disk space why are the environment graphics worst than the ones at BBC 2? It's almost twice the space disk size and with only 5.5 Gb BBC2 is better. With Bad Company 2, the Battlefield series has now matched or exceeded the Call of Duty series in each of the following areas:

First, modernity. Each franchise is actually quite similar in its fictional setting. In both series you play a Western soldier confronting a menace originating from the former Soviet Union. But Bad Company 2 allows players to use a much broader range of modern military materiel, including tanks, helicopters, Humvees and other vehicles. More important, the virtual environments in Bad Company 2 are much larger and more diverse than those in Modern Warfare 2.

Multiplayer battles in Modern Warfare 2 feel like chaotic arenas with people running all over the place looking out for themselves. In Bad Company 2 teamwork and voice communication are essential; the combat environments are more interesting and feel more akin to what I imagine a modern war zone to be.

As for the battle of the first-person shooters, let it rage. The players are reaping the benefits of this arms race between Activision and Electronic Arts. For now Bad Company 2 is on top.

 Comments (17)
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lool ya ya ...experiencia propria nao e? ahaha enfim
graficos bons tem o bf mas o mw2 n fica atras...
e fixe? nunca experimentei

Tenho que testar parece nice
nice game
gosto mais de COD
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