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Ozone Strato Evo
Written by   - Tuesday, 01 February 2011  (1 Comments )

Ozone Gaming has recently launched the new Strato Evo headset, an evolution of the previous Strato model. Heading for the top of the ladder as their best product in the headset range, this is truly a piece of equipment that has a very good quality/price ratio and should please every gamer that wants good gaming gear at not such a high price, as we sometimes see. The K1ck eSports Club Counter-Strike team recommends this headset, after using and testing it for a while.


Ozone Strato Evo headset


For those of us that are familiar with the previous Ozone Strato model, two things do call our attention when we set our eyes on the Ozone Strato Evo: the ear cups and the ear cushions. As soon as you put on the Evo, you instantly find out why the brand has changed these items as this new model is more comfortable on the ears when compared to the previous one, which is rather important in those non-stop gaming sessions. Having tested the Strato, we had high hopes concerning the sound quality of this new model and after a while listening to music, we weren't disappointed with this 5.1 surround system. The sound still comes out quite clearly and the detail is great. "It's all about evolution" as they say and this motto surely applies in this case.


k1ck Coachi Ozone Strato Evo

Portugal k1ck-coachi - K1ck Counter-Strike Team Captain

"Of all the phones I have tried out, these are the best. Excellent sound and comfort."


Switching our attention to gaming performance, this headset does deliver what we expect from it. Good spatial distribution helps you locate where the action is taking place, you don't get tired from using it on your ears and if you are a blast maniac, the subwoofer does add up bass capability to the headset, turning each explosion into a new experience. Here are some features that you'll get with Ozone Strato Evo:


- Third generation of multi channel audio standards
Six independent physical audio units to achieve the most amazing 5.1 surround sound; With built-in with VIB2 inertial vibration unit.

- New headset chamber
Thinner and with a wider cavity for improved sound quality.

- New LED microphone design.
Larger MIC unit, with more sensitivity and noise cancelling technology for an improved user experience. New design features a red LED indicator for MIC function status.

- New innovative earcup design
Larger earcups to fit your ears and designed for an improved comfort.

- Easily interchangeable earcups
Two different pairs (leather and cloth) included.

- Improved headband design
With aluminum alloy beam for improved performance and comfort

- Lighter and more compact
Built with last generation material to reduce 30grs. It folds into half of the original volume.


Ozone Strato Evo headset


The microphone did ok also, all the way while we were testing it, as everybody got to understand what we were talking about and it did stand in its place, not moving around as some others do. All in all a high score for this model and our approval as a Gaming headset for those gamers that really don't want to miss a thing. Here are some technical specs:

Connection: USB
Cord Length: 3.0m


Mic Dimensions: ø 6.0 x 5.0mm
Sensitivity: -36dB±dB
Directivity: Unidirectional
Impedance: 2,2 Ω


Main Volume control
Single volume control
Rear, Front, Center, Sobwoofer
Mic On/Off


IBM Compatible PC
CD-ROM drive
O.S: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Connection Port: USB
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 5.5Mb


5.1 Surround Sound headset w/ microphone and inline controller.
User's Manual and Software/Drivers CD.


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