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Brink: Patch, Review and Tournaments
Written by  Spirit - Saturday, 21 May 2011  (2 Comments )

A new game is in town and it seems that it's here to stay for a while. Developed by Splash Damage, the creators of the free game Enemy Territory and the crew that also made the beloved Quake 3 Fortress, Brink seems to be the next big thing in the FPS world. This recently released first-person shooter has already plans for a Windows and consoles patch to be released next week, besides the 15 000 Eur competition over at ESL.


Brink Splash Damage


As always, the storyline is somewhere in the future where rising sea levels have forced mankind to retreat to a giant floating metropolis called The Ark, packed with lots of different and weird people. Conflicts among the crowd was the next step and some people wanted to get out, leaving The Ark with less man power, which was obviously discouraged by those in charge of running the established kind of government. Security forces prevented people from leaving the metropolis which caused a rebellion and led to a guerilla war against the symbols of authority.


Brink Splash Damage


In order to start playing you must pick a faction and customise your character, but the first doubt arises: should you be on the law enforcement forces side that defends the humanity or on the other hand play as a rebel that wants to seek his own dreams outside The Ark, being oppressed by those who have the upper habd when it comes to counting down weapons? After that moral decision, you can head into the Freeplay, Challenges or Campaign modes. You must also pick a class from a list which includes Soldier, Engineer, Medic and Operative, being able to change your weapons at Command Points that your team has taken charge of.


As usual, the several classes have different weapons and skills, being capable of many things such as the Operatives (the closest thing to our beloved spy/agent from Q3F and ETF) disguising themselves as enemy soldeirs and hack safes. Abilities can be unlocked and you will probably need them and the whole team if your goal is to complete the missions, harder as you go along. The game has a SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain) mode which allows your character to perform a free-run across the map, sprinting, leaping over obstacles, sliding under barriers and climbing up structures in the environment.


Brink Splash Damage ESL Championship


If you are looking for multiplayer and competitive Brink games, here is a link to the ESL Brink Championship, a competition that will distribute 15 000 Eur by the players and will held qualifiers in several countries. Here is the word regarding the upcoming patch:

"We’ve identified the cause of sound dropping out on certain maps when playing networked games for a prolonged amount of time. This will no longer occur. Graphical performance has been improved, especially when using Ambient Occlusion. We’ve worked closely with both AMD and NVIDIA, and you should see performance and stability improvements in future driver revisions from both parties.

The server browser is tweaked in this update, as well; among other things, a new filter allows you to display only servers with a certain number of players on them, and full servers will no longer be filtered out completely. There are some smaller fixes for minor issues including your character’s voice occasionally resetting when deleting another character, and a memory leak when alt-tabbing out of the game.

Finally, the dedicated server is set to get an update at the same time as the main game, which will result in improved CPU performance. We’ve protected certain cvars that previously allowed server admins to accidentally break objectives involving NPCs."


 Comments (2)
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nice game
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