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K1ck Time Machine: Back to 2008
Written by   - Friday, 13 January 2012  (20 Comments )

This time we go back 3 years and a few weeks, landing in Calahorra, on a cold December month right at the end of the year 2008, with the Neos Party 4th edition at its final moments. The Winners Final between the Counter-Strike teams x6tence and k1ck.es was being disputed and x6, looking for their 4th consecutive victory in the competition, were the favorites, at least on paper. But our freshly rebuilt team was composed by former WCG Spain winners, so no one could truly say that they wouldn't deliver their best perfomances at the finals. And so they did.


Banner K1ck Spain


Starting the big game in de_nuke, we knew that whoever won this match would get the upper hand at the Grand Final, being extremely difficult for the team coming from the Losers Bracket to get the victory in two consecutive maps, so we did our best right from the start. The lineups were:

k1ck.es x6tence
FeldmaN FlipiN
GuMmY furby
NaNy r1bera
neptuNo sioKR
rai was1


The beginning of the game was crucial for the less prepared team, but it did go well for our colors with the players achieving good performances and playing in a confident manner. The score kept increasing to our side but there were some important and decisive rounds that we won, specially a 1on1 successful and nearly impossible defuse by our captain Feldman, only tenths of seconds away from exploding, after a fake defuse that lured our opponent to the lower de_nuke bombsite and to a one shot kill.

So we won this important match by 16-12 and now we could quietly sit down with a 1:0 advantage, waiting for the Grand Final where we would probably face the same opponent once again. As the Grand Final first map choice was for the team that got there through the Winners Bracket, psychologically that would be in our favor as we were planning to choose de_nuke once again, the map that we had just won in style.



And so it happened. k1ck.es made the obvious de_nuke choice vs x6tence at the Grand Final and much to our surprise, we did lose 10-16, raising all kinds of questions in the players mind, along with a blow in the always necessary confidence to succeed in Counter-Strike. Even worse, the decider would be played in our opponent's best map, as they would have the right to chose it, de_inferno. Whether the k1ck team could recover from the loss in the previous map or not, was the installed doubt that everybody had, but with a brilliant attack on the B bombsite, almost rushing in every round, we turned the match around and won by an expressive score of 16-09, making it 2:1, taking the trophy and 1 600 eur home, plus putting an end to x6tence's series of victories at Neos Party.

At the spanish eSports portal arenazero one could read "Neos Party 08: k1ck.es campeón" at the end of the event and among the over 800 comments, some like the following ones did have a special flavor to the K1ck eSports Club members and players:

"que grandes K1CK jaajaja"

"OMG! k1ck :D"

"que buena k1ck"

"x6 has been k1cked"

"nuevo top 1 español k1ck vaya orquesta jaaja grandes K1CK xd bien jugado"

"larga vida a k1ck xD"

"ENORMES los K1CK en poco tiempo se 'comen' a x6tence pero Flip sige siendo un tio muy bestia. jejeje"

"Ya lo dije ... ENORMES K1CK!!!!!! cngratssss"

"simplemente el nivel se nota, k1ck son mucho mejores que x6...no tienen nada que hacer"

"enorabuena a k1ck, enormes."


And so on...

 Comments (20)
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