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K1ck Time Machine: Back to 2011 and TF2
Written by   - Sunday, 07 July 2013  (15 Comments )

Back in 2011, Team Fortress 2 was still a huge hit and many eSports powerhouses were betting on the game, keeping and building strong teams in order to dominate the european scene.  K1ck.tf2 was in the process of changing its full Israeli lineup into an odd mix of 2 Israeli players, 3 Spanish and a British, a roster that for some was condemn to fail from the start, due the many different cultures that were being put together. But the fact is that this group of players did a wonderful job and got all the way to the final of the ESL Premiership Season VII, a truly Team Fortress 2 European Championship at the time, where our team would be facing the powerful former  Powergaming team, now running by the name of SG-1.


K1ck ESL Premiership TF2


The road to the final was a hard one, as K1ck had to face many obstacles in the playoffs since the round of 16 where we met the european team of the Spanish organization redCode. Played in two of the usual maps, cp_badlands and cp_gullywash, the final result was a kind of easy victory for our Club, as the 05-02 and 07-02 results indicate. So we were off to a good campaign.

Next we would be facing the fearful  TCM Gaming team in the round of 8, a group of players that had achieved so much in the game, seeming almost invincible at a given time. The statistics based on the previous games weren't good for us, but being the underdogs we had nothing to lose so the team went on to face the beast and won in two maps with a 05-03 + 02-00 score, this time in cp_badlands and cp_granary. Feeling quite confident, K1ck went on to take  Team Thermaltake in the semis. Once again playing the role of underdogs, but this time also inspiring some fear in our opponents given the past results in the competition, this was a much easier task than the quarter final match. Beating Tt with a 06-01 plus 05-02 score in cp_badlands and cp_granary, we were on the final game, fighting for a chance to be the best team in Europe.


K1ck SG1 ESL Premiership


The Finns were highly regarded as the best European team at the time, so the task at hands was a difficult one, as the underdogs role played by K1ck during the entire competition wasn't going to work out for sure, with our opponents being rather careful in their approach to this grand final. The game started rather well with a 05-01 opening victory to our team in cp_badlands, and many people were ready to close the match in the second map, as our team was playing some great TF2. But our  SG-1 friends from Finland had a word to say about it and after winning the second map 01-04 in cp_granary, all was to be decided in cp_gullywash.

Now the score of this bo3 Grand Final was a 01-01 map tie and the last one was in fact quite exciting. SG-1 took an early advantage with the first cap, but K1ck fought back and tied the game at 01-01. Running out of time, our team pushed in the final seconds but couldn't change the scoreboard, thus going into a golden cap overtime, the best way to finish this great final. Playing an offensive game, K1ck kept pushing in the overtime and finally scored the so coveted golden cap, winning the match, the tournament and as someone said, the "best TF2 team in Europe" title!

Here are the lineups from both teams at the final:

















 Comments (15)
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I just remembered my buddy shop painters who kick ass at TF2. Their crosshair placement was out of this world and according to them, that meant winning or losing.
Y'all might find it funny, but the colorbond fencing team from my city is the top TF2 competitor right now.
Guess what guys - I established a team composed of landscapers in ballarat and they actually BEAT the fencing team from my city!
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