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ESWC on the right track again ?
Written by  Spirit - Monday, 07 December 2009  (10 Comments )
The company behind one of the best and most famous eSports competitions, the Electronic Sports World Cup or in short ESWC, announced some time ago that they would be out of the game, due to the fact that they had entered liquidation and went bankrupt. Games-Services went down due to "facing a serious cash flow crisis" in early April, and the reason for that was the global financial crisis.

Many feared that the ESWC 2009 finals wouldn't take place and they were correct. Then others feared that ESWC was gone for good, but they weren't as accurate as the previous fortune tellers. In fact, DIP-Organisation bought the ESWC brand and trademark back in August 2009, although they did not buy the company organizing ESWC so far, which means that whoever is waiting for past cash prizes to be paid, can wait some more.

However, the new ESWC brand holders do write that "in order to prevent more harm and damage to the ESWC image and to maintain coherent the ESWC project and spirit, DIP-Organisation is studying the possibilities to found a way to compensate the last ESWC champions", which is at least a light at the end of the tunnel, for those that were desperate to get their hands on the money that they were entitled to receive. Let us just hope that this light is not just another train coming towards the credit holders, ready to tear them into pieces and sink them into oblivion.

But enough with the past, now it is time to acclaim the new place for the ESWC 2010 world finals, no more no less than the fabulous Disneyland ® Paris, the famous entertainment park in the Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming France Logo Paris neighbourhood. Talking about a great comeback "Disneyland® Paris will host the video games event in Disney®Village, an area including shopping, dining, cinemas, dancing and live entertainment for the whole family and open to anybody, park client as simple visitor. Beside the event venue, Disneyland® Paris will also provide accommodations for the 600 champions during their journey among the numerous hotels of the resort", this is just the right type of event that the eSports Community needs to put the crisis behind once and for all and take the next step into building a solid environment for all of those that dedicate most of their time to the Electronic Sports, whether by playing or running organizations and events.

The finals will take place from June 30th to July 4th, 2010 and the competitors will fight for a total of $200 000 in prize money, divided between the World Champions and their challengers in several tournaments. The announced games are quite the same, although some are kind of weird choices, but the eternal and never-dying CS will probably be the king of the hill, as usual. Counter Strike, Counter Strike Women, Warcraft 3: Frozen throne, Trackmania ESWC, Virtual tennis, Need for speed Shift, Street Fighter 4 and Fifa 2010 are the ones we have so far, although the ESWC organization committee might add more games early 2010.

In the specific case of Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Portugal Logo Portugal, we are still waiting for information regarding the ESWC 2009 national finals, with several teams that conquered their ticket to the last stage of the competition, at the cross country qualifiers, anxious for some kind of tournament that will pay off the time and money spent in the qualification process. As to the 2010 qualifiers, in our country and all over the place, we hope that everything runs as smooth as before 2009, when ESWC was a reference in the eSports World.
 Comments (10)
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os k1ck vao la estar :p
gl k1ck ;b
Qualifier - K1CK

ESWC FINALS - K1CK 5/8 again.
gl k1ck

TOP ten maybe
gl k1ck
gl peepz :)
gl k1ck
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