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Bullseye! 7 Victories out of 7 Tournaments at XLParty
Written by  Spirit - Monday, 17 December 2012  (4 Comments )

Once more, K1ck eSports Club had a great weekend over at XLParty FIL 2012, winning all of the 7 tournaments that our 7 teams were attending in  Lisbon, taking away more than half of the 30 000 Eur in prizes that were handed over across several games. In fact, the K1ck Counter-Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, Starcraft II, Shootmania, Call of Duty 4, Halo 4 and Gears of War 3 teams did a great job, winning almost all of the matches in their respective competitions and providing great moments for our fans and general audience in the event and at home. Impressive!


K1ck n3w xlparty check

After a good start on Saturday, the K1ck players moved on quickly to the single elimination Finals and double elimination Grand Finals with the only upset coming from  k1ck-sYz as he got to the Starcraft II Grand Final through the losers bracket, meaning he would have to do a flawless performance on Sunday to grab the Asus gaming laptop that the winner would take home. And what a way to start a glorious day, with k1ck-sYz beating  ScReaM [4:0] and securing the first K1ck tournament victory in the XLParty FIL 2012.

Then  k1ck.cod4 went on to the main stage and disposed of equilibrium by a [2:0] map score, making it 2 in 2. k1ck.halo4 soon followed with a [3:0] victory at the final and so did  k1ck.gow3, scoring triumphs in the XBox 360 world that we so appreciate. Now that the balance was 4 out of 4, the K1ck Shootmania guys lend a hand and with another [3:0] victory at the b05 final,  k1ck-hypno, k1ck-morty and k1ck-thy made it 5 out of 5. Time for  k1ck.lol to wrap up a flawless performance and beat the opponents at the Asus ROG League of Legends Final with a [2:0] score and take home 5 Asus gaming laptops.

Would we win it all? Only  k1ck.csgo was still in action and it was all in their hands to make it another perfect day for our Club. Facing the best Spanish formation  ASES, a team that K1ck had previously sent to the losers bracket with a 2:0 score, the task at hands wasn't an easy one, as finals are always different. And indeed it was a different game. Losing the first map and on the verge of defeat while losing 14-15 in the decider, the team pulled rank and once again turned the tables around to draw at 15-15 first and then win 19-16 at the overtime, grabbing the fatest check and another CS:GO triumph for our gallery.

We would like to thank our sponsors and all of the support from our fans during the whole weekend and the many encouragement and congratulation messages that we have received, including fans that came to meet their gaming idols and have a small chat with them. Please check k1ck's facebook for photos and videos. What a weekend... :)

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 Comments (4)
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