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Dreamhack Valencia: League of Legends
Written by   - Friday, 19 July 2013  (4 Comments )

K1ck will once again attend the Dreamhack Valencia, a must go event since we won the first edition Counter-Strike tournament back in 2011. Last year our club was represented by two teams and this year we will be doing the same, as k1ck.csgo and k1ck.lol will travel to  Valencia, although the two tournaments have different formats. Today we start this Road to DH Valencia with the focus on League of Legends and the five players that will once again defend our colors in the Summoner's Rift.


Dreamhack Valencia 2013


** UPDATE **

21:15 - K1ck won the Dreamhack Valencia 2013 League of Legends BYOC tournament, beating uP in the final. Tomorrow the group stage begins at 10h00.


18h30 - K1ck are already qualified for the group stage and now they will be playing the BYOC final against the winner of the uP vs Hybrid Club semi final.

18-07-2013, 15h00 - The  K1ck.lol team is already inside the Feria de Valencia venue, getting ready to play the first game of the BYOC tournament. Check out the brackets here, and don't miss our League of Legends and CS:GO streamings live in our K1ckTV Twitch channel.


16-07-2013 - Tomorrow night, Wednesday at 21h30, we will be doing a special streaming in our K1ckTV Twitch Channel with the presence of our k1ck.lol team. The players will be interviewed by the K1ck LoL caster Xyeh, and don't miss out on the chance of getting your twitch chat questions answered by the K1ck players before going to Valencia.


Group Stage

Millenium 9
  K1ck 00 01 C. Elite

C. Elite 6

Millenium 01 00 KIYF

K1ck 3

K1ck 01 00  KIYF


Millenium 01 00 C. Elite

K1ck 00 01 Millenium

KIYF 00 01 C. Elite

All times BST (CEST - 1)


Wizards 9
  Wizards 01 00 MediaVida

MediaVida 6

uP 00 01 FuF

FuF 3

Wizards 01 00  FuF

uP 0

uP 00 01 MediaVida

Wizards 01 00 uP

MediaVida 01 00 FuF

All times BST (CEST - 1)


After changing around a bit, the k1ck.lol team settled down with a group of players that did their LAN debut in Braga, winning the FNAC Lan Party in a rather convincingly way and achieving some great moments, specially at the final.


K1ck LoL Braga


Flying to Valencia on Wednesday the 17th, they will start all the LoL action on Thursday at the BYOC tournament, which means that they will be carrying their own laptops to the event. During that day, the teams will fight each other in a bo1 playoff format and the 4 semi finalists will be qualifying for the main event, a 2 group of 4 tournament with 4 teams already invited to this stage.

This group stage will be played in bo1 and the first two teams in each group will go on to the bo3 playoffs and have the chance of grabbing some part of the 5 000 Eur prize-money. Then the team will fly back home on Sunday the 21st. Here is the k1ck.lol lineup that once again will attend an international event:


K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Waray K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Humie K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Altorios K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Fear K1ck eSports Club Multigaming UMAGON

k1ck-waray k1ck-humie k1ck-itenente k1ck-fear k1ck-UMAGON


Keep paying attention to our LoL news and our facebook page, as quite soon we will reveal a way that our supporters can get in touch with the team members and ask away all you want in this Road to Dreamhack Valencia topic. You don't want to miss this!


BYOC Brackets


BYOC Dreamhack Valencia Brackets


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 Comments (4)
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gl k1ck :)
Cool! I'll surely be coming back for the next posts from you. mobile legend bang bang game
Good luck to all participants! empire mini
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