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ESWC Portugal 2013: K1ck Wins!
Written by   - Sunday, 29 September 2013  (21 Comments )

The banner that illustrates this news brings back so many good moments for K1ck eSports Club that we can only wish to relive them, as history tends to repeat itself. But the past belongs to the museums, as the Brazilians use to say, so we are looking at the present and the future, as always. And the present tells us that our k1ck.csgo team is in the ESWC.pt playoffs, after winning every Group A match in day one.

ESWC Banner

** UPDATE **

K1ck has won the ESWC Portugal 2013 after beating Damn-It in the final match by a 2:0 score.

Refraining ourselves from making comments regarding the Portuguese qualifier, as it's not over yet and the evaluation should only be made at the end, here are the results from day 1, with the competition resuming today at 13h00:



  Quarter-finals   Semi-finals   Final
    K1ck 2
    3800 0  
    K1ck 2
      FTW 0  
    FTW 2
    oFF Balance 0  
    K1ck 2
      Damn-It 0
    Damn-It 2
    eEmpire 0  
    Damn-It 2 Third place
      Panthers 1    
    Panthers 2  
    madjick 0    

(click on the result for further info about the match)


Group Stage

K1ck 15
  K1ck 16 04 uNinjas dust2
Damn-It 9

madjick 16 00 Team 3V default

oFFBalance 9

oFFBalance 10 16 Damn-It nuke

madjick 6

oFFBalance 16 09 madjick dust2
uNinjas 6

K1ck 16 05 Team 3V inferno

Team 3V 0

uNinjas 16 00 Damn-It default

uNinjas 16 00 Team 3V default

K1ck 16 03 oFFBalance mirage

madjick 14 16 Damn-It inferno

madjick 09 16 K1ck nuke

oFFBalance 16 12 uNinjas inferno

Team 3V 00 16 Damn-It default

Team 3V 00 16 oFFBalance default

uNinjas 12 16 madjick train

K1ck 16 09 Damn-It train

All times BST (CEST - 1)

Panthers 15
  Panthers 16 09 3800 dust2
FTW 12

eEmpire 01 16
FTW train
eEmpire  9

eEmpire 09 16 Panthers nuke

3800 6

3800 06 16 FTW nuke

Anqueetus 0

FTW 12 16 Panthers mirage
Grow uP 0

eEmpire 16 10 3800 inferno













All times BST (CEST - 1)


K1ck eSports Club Multigaming mut K1ck eSports Club Multigaming fox K1ck eSports Club Multigaming rmn K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Aguila K1ck eSports Club Multigaming coachi

k1ck-mUt k1ck-fox k1ck-rmn k1ck-Aguila k1ck-coachi


oFF Balance- xAims, KillDream, n0rx, Alm, Fyx

Team 3V - xiL, Palma, dmntr, axl, hawk

DAMM-IT - leO, BeN, Bloodz, iHECK, juri

uNinjas - kapaesse, neeve, marq, million, marq

madjicK- chkk, almeida, asher, bin, psychic

Panthers - Kronus, Bht, frz, GAX, abr

FTW eSports - dzt, Shouw, cnfleet, sillerw, joshua

Grow uP - jas, scream, psh, dark, zneil

eEmpire - panda, gsk, titanium, MAKER, zeppelin

Anqueetus - $n4k3, KaizeNN, Rz, DB, Envy

3800 - QEAz, putojr, SHE, WILD, Raptor

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 Comments (21)
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GG ;)
GG k1ck! Agora mostrem o que valem la fora e deixem portugal orgulhoso :))
gg K1ck, mais uma vez :)
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next write ups thank you once again.

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The bracketing is so imbalance. The line up of other team is over power. animal hunting games
Great ESWC tourney! Cape Coral Tree Trimming
Wow! I remember this match and how good these challengers are. Good old days!

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Looks exciting!! I can't wait to see how it turns out. I hope I can get away from my Air Duct Cleaning job so I can watch it.
#16 kent144
I remember hearing about this match! I was working in Wichitadoing a Spokane Fence job out of state! My bro was in
#17 kent144
My bro was in
#18 kent144
My bro was in Iowa at the time and I remember talking about it with him. He was working in Fort Wayne
The results are very much worth it!

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#21 zonadyt
I think this is an informative post and it is very useful and knowledgeable. therefore, I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article.

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