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K1ck 15 Years Mega Contest: Lists
Written by   - Monday, 02 December 2013  (15 Comments )

So the biggest contest that K1ck has have ever made, with the biggest prizes, is now almost over, but we still have to find some of the contest winners. Here we will be publishing a list of possible winners, the ones that had a valid answer to our questions, which will allow them to enter the draw that we will be making live in a special streaming to be announced soon. There is however one particular user that was the only one to get the right answer in one of our contests, so he already won the prize in dispute, as there is no need to make a draw.


K1ck 15 Years Mega Contest

The correct answers are:

In which year did K1ck get more awards in their list (http://awards.k1ck.com) and how many awards did they register in that year? 2007 - 152 awards

How many victories did K1ck score in their website over at http://www.k1ck.com/09/matches/ pages till November the 2nd, 2013? 1075

How many draws did K1ck score in their website over at http://www.k1ck.com/09/matches/ pages till November the 2nd, 2013? 21

How many defeats did K1ck score in their website over at http://www.k1ck.com/09/matches/ pages till November the 2nd, 2013? 266

What is the sum of the K1ck teams matches results registered in our website at http://www.k1ck.com/09/matches/ pages till November the 2nd, 2013? 7042


Here are the users that will be entering our draw:

Number Website (ASUS)
1 ankk8
2 azki3
3 bgodinho
4 carlafig
5 carlosdnz
7 ChromeD2
8 darrelllance
9 dranskj
10 fuuse
11 GAFerreira13
13 huginho
14 int3ns3
15 Jackiechanrafa
16 kennypt
17 kinder
19 kpn
20 m0rgan
21 mandioka
22 pedromicas1992
23 ranjas
24 reloAADR
25 rsazevedo20
26 sammy
27 saxenss2
28 sepheN
29 synkk
30 th3blackrat
31 truta
32 vhelotelli
33 whisperzor
34 wisers
35 ZAQfx


Number Facebook (Kingston)
1 Zé Pedro Gomes Salgado
2 Marcelo Gaspar 


Number Twitter (Ozone)
1 azki3fun@gmail.com
2 bdrc11@hotmail.com
3 bruno_cruz96@outlook.pt
4 bruno_outlaw_16@hotmail.com
5 cr1nmartinho@sapo.pt
6 cupidotiago@gmail.com
7 diog0_.2@hotmail.com
8 hugo_dani@msn.com
9 ivo.raj.nova@gmail.com
10 ivojogos06@gmail.com
11 jdarlight@hotmail.com
12 jorge_rodrigues1994@hotmail.com
13 michaelpatricksps@hotmail.com
14 miguel_slb_22@hotmail.com
15 miguelpfdias@gmail.com
16 migus_jogos@hotmail.com
17 passarito_1996@hotmail.com
18 pedroferreira76@live.com.pt
19 popov.ze@gmail.com
20 ricardo.fig.sousa@gmail.com
21 ricardo.jorge.92@hotmail.com
22 ruca_ferreira1991@hotmail.com
23 rui.underground@gmail.com
24 sephenify@gmail.com
25 sixtergamer@gmail.com
26 toni_pacheco_97@hotmail.com
27 vhrc17@gmail.com
28 vitor15oliveira@hotmail.com



Number Twitch (Ozone)
1 Azamz
2 azki3
3 carlafig
4 dignitasmandi
5 exsadSUK
6 kausen
7 kinder0s
8 Only4Now0u7L4w
9 pixenable
10 rsamkid
11 RyuuKuMD
12 syynk
13 ZAQfx


And our Steam Clickfiel contest winner is the user azki, the only one to post the correct answer.

This list will be used as it is, so the winners will be found by the number attached to their nickname, if that number is drawn in the respective contest. Any comments or complaints regarding this list should be sent to kfc@k1ck.com till next Friday (2013-12-06 23h00), being the official draw list after that day. Good Luck to all of the users in our list and please follow the companies and brands from our beloved sponsors that made this possible: Kingston, Ozone, Asus and Clickfiel.

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 Comments (15)
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next write ups thank you once again.

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