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7 Questions for Joao 'KryZtaL^' Rodrigues
Written by   - Tuesday, 03 December 2013  (5 Comments )

Our most recent team has already won a tournament during this short period here at K1ck eSports Club, and today we will try to find out more about one of the  k1ck.dota2 players, on the verge of attending his first LAN event under the K1ck colors: João "KryZtaL^" Rodrigues. He is our guest in another "7 Questions for" topic, so check out what he has to say about his gaming background, why he plays the game and his personal ambitions.


Dota2 Pick

K - Hi KryZtaL^, for how long have you been a part of the Portuguese eSports?

Kr - Hi, you can say that I'm involved in gaming for 11 years by now, at that time playing small CounterStrike 1.6 competitions, organized by lan-houses and some monthly cups.


K - When did you start playing DotA?

Kr - Well, one of the reasons that I started playing DotA so frequently has to do with SpEcTruM and X-Ray, both playing the game in the pcws pauses at the lan-house where we used to hang out at the time. I had been following and admiring the game, so one day I tried experimenting a different kind of thing, DotA, tired of CS and the fact that there were no lans in Algarve. Since then I've been playing the game series.


Kryztal Dota 2


K - And why Dota 2 now?

Kr - Regarding Dota 2, I think it's the natural evolution as the change was inevitable, also due to the fact that Warcraft 3 was creating too many mechanical limitations in the game, not to mention the obsolete graphics which contributed to the problems in attracting new players to the game.


K - How did you end up in K1ck and why this choice?

Kr - K1ck came at a time when Dota 2 is growing really fast in Portugal and they are definitely the more stable organization and the one that can offer the best conditions for its players. I was already in contact with the organization since last year's XLParty, so everything was handled quite fast, easy and simple.


K - Now that we only have 1 LAN event in Portugal to end 2013, the XLParty FIL, do you think that it's a good bet for them to organize a Dota 2 tournament?

Kr - I think so as the Fraglider tournament showed us that the community is quickly growing and such an event is fundamental for making some strong community foundations.


XLParty FIL 2013 Dota 2

XLParty FIL 2013 Dota 2 winning team


K - Which are your ambitions in Dota 2?

Kr - When it comes to Dota 2, I would like to get qualified for greater LAN tournaments such as: DreamHack, ESWC, ESL Major Series.


K - Thank you. Any final words?

Kr - I would like to take this opportunity to thank K1ck for trusting us, praise Fraglider and the tournament casters for the initiative and dedication, and also thank SpEcTruM and X-Ray for pushing me into playing DotA. A big shoutout for all the K1ck Dota 2 members (DarkOgre, o_artista, sQuO, RunNoobsRun, moum, Padrinho) and to all the people that were a part of my DotA/Dota 2 path, as well.


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 Comments (5)
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porque os meus comments nao estao a aparecer?

quero creditos para a config do fox xD
Zupp! I like your post, I will visit again . . .

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