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SLTV What?
Written by   - Wednesday, 18 December 2013  (17 Comments )

Today we have witnessed an episode that seemed to be something out of a movie, when admins from SLTV StarLadder offered us a proposal that we could not refuse. Either we would accept what they were proposing or if we refuse and talk about it or publish something regarding the subject, we would be thrown out of SLTV's next season. But rest assured that we are all ok cause as far as we know, no one has received a horse's head at home.

Horse head

The story is simple and goes like this: 4 teams go to the lan finals.  K1ck.csgo has finished the Season in the 7th position. Two of the first four teams refused to attend the lan finals,  LGB and Mystik, so they went further down on the final standings, inviting NaVi and they have accepted. Then  mousesports allegedly refused and when our turn to be invited came around, they never talked with our organization or players, stating that " mousesports, K1ck, ALTERNATE and 3DMAX couldn't attend the lan finals" according to an hltv.org news, thus inviting  iNation.

When we tried to reach them, the admins lied about having talked with us, referring a conversation with iNsider, a player that doesn't even belong to our team, a conversation that he himself obviously denied that has ever happened. Then they lied about trying to reach us on saturday, as everybody was online, attending the XLParty all saturday, always online.

They went on to think about it and then the most funny part came around: they have given us an ultimatum, referring that either we accept the paid trips to the next lan finals that nobody knows where it is or even the next's season format, if we would qualify that is, or if we talked about this whole matter or publish something about it, we would be thrown out of SLTV's next season. If we could hear any sound from the background, one might possibly have heard a bucket getting filled with cement, just in case...

Anyway, here is what AIm, our CS:GO captain, wrote about this whole matter:

"It's sad and really unprofessional that people has to resort to lies to cover what has happened. In order to back the decision to invite iNation, they said rmn told them that we wouldn't want to attend the finals - which is a lie. After being confronted with the fact that we have been online during the whole weekend at the XLPARTY, they changed their mind and mentioned an hypothetical conversation with iNsider, a player that doesn't even belong to our team anymore, obviously denying that such conversation has ever happened.

Once again, after being confronted with this situation, they have entered some kind of negotiation stage (at least in their minds), but forcing us to accept a ridiculous proposal, stating that if we didn't accept it and talk about it or publish something regarding this subject, we would be thrown out of Starladder's next season, all this after we have put on the table 3 or 4 ideas that would solve the problem, but they refused.

At first, the tournament admin admitted his error in not trying to contact us but then, during the ultimatum stage, they said that there was no error from them. We are tired of being penalized by SLTV.

Basically we were stolen of something that we had the right to keep."


Way to go SLTV, just pummel someone in the face next time, the old Quake style!


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 Comments (17)
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