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K1ck: 2013 in Review
Written by  Spirit - Monday, 30 December 2013  (39 Comments )

Another year is coming to an end and K1ck eSports Club keeps on going, strong as ever and racking up awards after awards, while at the same time strengthening our structure and credibility towards our followers and sponsors, plus increasing our popularity in the eSports communities all around the world.

2013 was the year that we took a huge step into the international stardom with our Counter-Strike Global Offensive team, participating in the advanced stages of the best online tournaments and attending several LAN events, also being included in a top 10 CS:GO World Ranking on the 9th position.


Happy New Year 2013

And picking up the CS:GO subject, so much has happened in this year that is now almost over. Following the late 2012 game release and the promising  k1ck.csgo campaigns in  Valencia and  Prague, ending the year with a victory in the international XLParty FIL 2012 event, our team was forced to change the initial formation and some replacements occurred while trying to find some stability and gameplay.

Keeping our three man core at all times ( k1ck-fox, k1ck-mut and k1ck-rmn), the other spots have been filled by great players, but for some reason we always had to make changes, including when our team went European by welcoming aboard  Aguila and ViS, a spanish duo that performed at a great level, especially the former that attended 2 lan events under the K1ck colors.




We have beaten the top teams and the number one team in the world, at the time, in official games, some more than once, and names such as  NiP, VeryGames, fnatic, NaVi, ESC Gaming and Mystik, they all had to congratulate us for the good game, after losing against K1ck. Birmingham, Cologne, Valencia, Lisboa and Paris are some of the cities where we have attended LAN tournaments this year, while online we have played the SLTV StarSeries, fragbite Masters, EMS One, MSI Beat It, Esea Invite and fnatic Fragout tournaments, reaching advanced stages of the competitions in many cases.



We have also witnessed the departure of coachi from the competitive gaming world, now our public relations, after winning another Portuguese ESWC and defending our team for the last time in Paris at the world finals.


k1ck 15 years


But K1ck isn't all about one game, as this year we have celebrated our 15th anniversary with a great giveaway contest, offering our followers over 750 Eur in prizes, and in so many years we have had the pleasure of sharing our lives with many fantastic players such as our Quake Live CTF European Champion Pedro "k1ck-eden" Fonseca, Unreal Tournament 3 best player in the world Gaspar "k1ck-hypno" Machado, and Need For Speed so many world records holder Rogério "VGSpeedPro" Barroso.


Eden 2008

k1ck-eden performing in the Portuguese WCG 2008


Going further back, we also would like to remember that wonderful  k1ck.dods team that led the European Day of Defeat Source ranking for several months in a row, led by Antonio "k1ck-WoLVeRiNe" Valenzuela, the Pro Evolution Soccer players Jorge "k1ck-bubaloo" Almeida and Pedro "k1ck-DarkAngel" Almeida that won so many competitions under our tag, the k1ck.tf2 team led by  k1ck-Retsh0ck that won the Team Fortress 2 European Championship against all odds, our K1ck Enemy Territory leader  Mathijs "k1ck-Lightning" Hoekstra and the first Portuguese player to win a medal in a WCG/SEC competition, Pedro "k1ck-mans" Tavares.


k1ck mans

k1ck-mans with the SEC 2006 Check


Many more could be included in this list, such as the Dreamhack Winter Need For Speed Winner  k1ck-flowah, the Dreamhack Winter World in Conflict victorious k1ck.wic team and the CoD, Mohaa, ETF, Halo, GoW, UT, Quake, Trackmania, FIFA, Shootmania, Crossfire, Warcraft and Starcraft fantastic teams that we had throughout the years.


K1ck UT2k4 Cologne

K1ck.ut at the ESL Major League UT2k4 Final in  Cologne (2006)


But that was then and this is now, 2013. And in 2013 our  k1ck.lol team has won the first Liga Nacional de League of Legends in the country, a full round robin league that gathered the best players and teams for an ultimate showdown. Once again we have travelled to  Valencia for the Dreamhack Valencia 2013, same as in 2012, and attended the major LAN parties in Portugal, collecting laptops in the FNAC Braga Lanparty and other prizes in different tournaments. This was also the year where our team suffered a major change by the 4th quarter, now counting with younger talented players on a clear bet in an international career as they keep on growing as a team.


K1ck Lol


In 2013 we have also welcomed a great  k1ck.dota2 team for the first time in our history, a team that has won every competition that they have attended since then, and Pedro "k1ck-Last" Caiado (or LastNight as he was mostly known back in the days) has returned in great shape for FIFA14, reaching the XLParty FIL 2013 Final a few days ago.


K1ck dota2


Diogo "k1ck-sYz" Barbosa also gave us our first international triumph in Starcraft II by winning the Tenerife Lan Party among other competitions, adding up to another great K1ck eSports Club year with 45 conquered awards, from which 29 are from first places.


Tenerife Lan Party TLP2k13


Focusing on lesser teams and in the games that really grab the attention of the masses, such as CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota2, 2014 is looking quite good at the moment for our Club, so we all hope that by this time next year we will be reviewing another great K1ck perfomance.

This review would not be complete without a word of gratitude to our long time sponsors Kingston, Ozone and Clickfiel for backing us up for all this time and also to our first year sponsor Asus for all their support. And of course, our wonderful staff, players and supporters to whom we dedicate our victories as without you none of this would be possible. Happy New Year!

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 Comments (39)
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Que os k1ck tenham um 2014 ainda melhor!
quero creditos para a config do fox xD
quero creditos para a config do fox xD
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