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K1ck eSports Club presents the K1ck Insider Project
Written by  Spirit - Wednesday, 05 May 2010  (14 Comments )
The K1ck Insider Project is mostly a gaming structure for the K1ck followers and fans, but also to the general public, that provides a way for these supporters to get in touch and interact with the players and members of K1ck eSports Club. Featuring a gather system on IRC Channel #k1ck.gathering and exclusive access to game servers and channels, the K1ck Insiders will also have the possibility of playing internal leagues and cups, benefit from discounts in several companies, win prizes, ask K1ck players for tips and gain privileged access to exclusive K1ck merchandising, videos, demos, configs and news regarding K1ck activities.
To have a more precise notion of what being a K1ck Insider means, you can read this FAQ, but we would like to point out 15 ways that you can benefit from it :
  • Internal Cups between Insiders, with prizes and the possibility of migrating to Leagues.

  • The possibility of playing your games in our own servers (each Insider can book a server 1 hour per week), depending on the servers' availability for that game.

  • Get-together - Tips in IRC Channel #k1ck.insider, an Insider Channel only where some famous players will be.

  • The possibility of sending questions to the K1ck players.

  • Exclusive access to content, live transmissions and K1ck stuff (merchandising, demos, in-eye, Video On Demand, configs and downloads).

  • Invitations to K1ck Parties.

  • Occasional contests with prizes such as gaming stuff and places to travel with K1ck as supporters.

  • Discounts on the several companies that partnered up with the K1ck Insider Project.

  • Reserved Slots in the public K1ck servers, until it reaches the maximum available Insider slots.

  • Exclusive access to K1ck servers booked by Insiders, until it reaches the maximum available Insider servers.

  • Merchandising stuff that can be bought with good discounts.

  • Dedicated Newsletters about opportunities and K1ck day to day work.

  • Registered voice (+v) on the Quakenet IRC Channel #k1ck.

  • Exclusive access to the K1ck Gathers.

  • Ranking Systems with prizes to the most active players.

Portugal Pedro "Spirit" Fernandes, Chairman of K1ck eSports Club states that "We are very pleased to have achieved the necessary partnerships in order to conclude this project, as this has been something that we have always wanted to do, so that we can reward and be more in touch with our supporters and the people that have been following K1ck throughout all of these years". The Press Release is available for download.
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 Comments (14)
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nice one GL :D
Boa iniciativa! Continuam a evoluir!
Woot nice project ! Good job guys ! ;)
#5 Spirit
siga la, boa iniciativa :D
ta caro xD
#9 Harvey
Great for e-sports!

This post is unbelievable! Continue the excellent informations!


People absolutely love your blog site and also all of your reports.


All over again, this is really one great blog site.


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