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Credits System in www.k1ck.com
Written by  Spirit - Friday, 21 May 2010  (29 Comments )

Invariably on the lookout for interesting stuff here at www.k1ck.com, we think that there is always room for improvement. And now we have created a Beta Credits System where your actions on our website will be rewarded, or penalized but mostly rewarded, with credits. Each day you login, the avatar you upload, each comment you make on a different piece of news or thread in the forum, for instance, will be evaluated according to our table and the credits will be added (or subtracted) to you profile.

Then you will be able to use your credits in stuff such as Special Gifts and Vouchers, Registration in K1ck Tournaments, Game Server Rentals and K1ck Merchandising, just to name a few. And you will also have the chance of being the winner of some of our contests if you have enough credits. As a welcome gift, every registered user at www.k1ck.com/09/ will get 10 credits for free.
The contests start right now and the first non K1ck Insider user that reaches 150 credits and sends us an email to insider@k1ck.com pointing out the fact (the winner will be the first valid email that we receive), will get a free K1ck Insider Account for 3 months that will allow him to play the 1º Torneio Counter-Strike K1ck Insider 1on1 aim_map packed with prizes. Senseless spam will most likely be punished.

You can check your current credits in your profile and we will be displaying rankings of our Credits System top users, available only in our new website www.k1ck.com/09/ and not in our older one at www.k1ck.com/k1ck2005/. So here are some examples of how you can change the number of credits you have right now, although limited to the barrier of 50 credits each day:
  • Each time you login, 1 login per day: +1 credit
  • Each click on a Logo at the Sponsors Bar, 1 click per day per Sponsor: +1 credit
  • Watching K1ckTV, 1 time per day: +2 credits
  • Posting in any thread of our Forum, 1 post per day per thread: +2 credits
  • Inserting comment in any news, 1 comment per day per news: +3 credits
  • Creating a thread in our Forum, 1 thread per day: +3 credits
  • Filling in the Join Us: +3 credits
  • Registering at our Website: +10 credits
  • Uploading an Avatar to your profile, 1 Avatar per user: +5 credits
  • Deleting an Avatar from your profile: -8 credits

This is not an exhaustive list which means that you can also get credits from performing other actions rather than those above mentioned. So here is your chance to gather credits and use them later on, just by doing everyday actions here at www.k1ck.com, your eSports Exquisite Organization.

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 Comments (29)
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Muito boa iniciativa!
gostei da ideia sera uma forma de chamarem mais pessoal pro site.
Boa sorte com isto.
#9 Spirit
N1! :)
muito bom
ehehe tou em primeiro que top ;D
congrats splinteR
ja alguem, ganhou ?
#16 Spirit
Sim, o splinteR
nice ;)
ty xD
#20 Spirit
#22 Spirit
bem :)
Boa iniciativa :)
boa iniciativa!

muito bom, sem duvida!
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