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K1ck.cs at Gamegune Portuguese Finals
Written by  Spirit - Friday, 09 July 2010  (5 Comments )

In a crazy month, the K1ck eSports Club Counter-Strike team keeps on going, after returning from France Paris and the ESWC. This weekend we will be attending Gamegune's Portuguese Final that will qualify teams to the event in Spain Bilbao, starting on July the 22th. Later on, and still in July, we will try to renew our champion title at the EPT2 and qualify for the Gaming Tour 2010 Final at the Futurtech 4.

But for now, we will be paying attention to everything that is happening at the Portuguese Gamegune Final. Check the groups, the rosters and all that you want to know, during the whole weekend.

Here are the groups and the schedule:

Group 1 - Check-in 08h30
Portugal Paranoids
Portugal TAV
Portugal Madvision
Portugal Madness


Group 2 - Check-in 12h30

Portugal Defs
Portugal O2
Portugal Guimaform
Portugal Siga La


Group 3 - Check-in 16h00
Portugal Minibots
Portugal Sumerians
Portugal Die
Portugal Dow
Portugal paradox  


Group 4 - Check-in 19h30
Portugal K1ck
Portugal x-function
Portugal Colossos
Portugal Downgrade
Portugal Dimension9



K1ck (fox, coachi, shouw, axon, mutt)
Colossos (heat, n3kz, seroak, kami, master)
Minibots (c0ld, just, gaspy, ref, duzt)
Madvision (psychic,txd, jiggy, joz, tba)
x-function (sdw, snk, hldr, frozen, bife)
Sumerians (Amag, Siphon, marduK, zer[0], skyburN)
Guimaform(shelvy, k1mm, monz, cdx, zodic)
downgrade (eazy, heaims, eloi, guyks, weyton)
TeamAnotherView (WilD, Tetlas, Raptor, Spark, Lp)
Die (nigga, wesq, tuborg, lord, joao)
Paranoids (AIm, kastoN, spekz, n0rx, ehz)
defs (rmn, Ririo, oDEith, lobo, vsk)
O2 (mokoena, xupeta, arafat, kretzsh, eckob, slimz)
DoW (Sp[O]oKy, fretz, Fellgy, Gamer, tba)
Madness (corey, myuudo, dilock, cracht, iNt)
Dimension9 (Lohan, w0rd, dcK, fluchen, cafi)
siga la (gax, kekuzny, bitxasso, humans, rizz)
paradox (proak, ReaLLL, MORE, wizard, firefox)


We will keep this info updated with results, photos and opinions by the minute.

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 Comments (5)
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gl k1ck
gl k1ck
o tba dos madvision e o dorsiguer
ai jasus!
Vi os jogos quase todos dos kick sao sem duvida a melhor equipa e vao continuar a ser,devido ao seu tactical e claro aos players com grd skill individual...o que me deixou um pouco espantado foi o facto de os kick perderem inumeras vezes a pistol round em ambos os sides!
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