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Frag eXecutors wins e-Stars Seoul 2010
Written by  Spirit - Saturday, 14 August 2010  (14 Comments )

Another E-Stars Seoul edition has come to an end, again with an European team in the highest place at the podium. After the Sweden fnatic triumph last year, this year it was time for another team from Europe to shine: Poland Frag eXecutors. Here are all the details about this competition:


Final Standings

Gold Cup Poland FX  9 800 Eur
Silver Cup South Korea WMF
2 600 Eur
Bronze Cup

Sweden fnatic

1 300 Eur
4th Place China TyLoo 650 Eur

Entering the playoffs stage, now only four teams remain in the fight for the title. Here are the semis, in a Europe - Asia clash once again:


Sweden fnatic 16 09 11          

train d2 nuke South Korea WMF 111607
South Korea WMF 10 16 16


China TyLoo 08 16 03          
  train inf nuke Poland FX 160816
Poland FX 16 03 16        


3rd/4th Place

Sweden fnatic 16 11 China TyLoo nuke fin.

Sweden fnatic 17 19 China TyLoo train fin.

Sweden fnatic 16 13 China TyLoo dust2 fin.


Tomorrow six Counter-Strike teams will be facing each other, fighting for something like a 14 350 Eur prize-money. The place ? South Korea's capital South Korea Seoul. The Event ? E-Stars Seoul 2010. Last year Sweden fnatic took the title with South Korea WeMade Fox and Denmark mTw closing the final podium, but this year all is at stake once again.

Sweden fnatic can be considered the main favorite, now that Sweden Rasmus "Gux" Stahl is back, but nobody wants to give away their place in the sun. Russia MYM will be filling in for Ukraine NaVi as they have turned down the invitation. Here is what the contestants can take home:


Teams and Lineups

Sweden fnatic - gux, f0rest, dsn, cArn, GeT_RiGhT

Poland Frag eXecutors - kuben, Loord, pasha, Neo, TaZ

Russia MYM - hooch, edik, xek, Xoma, ROMJkE

South Korea WeMade FOX - glow, solo, peri, bail, termi

China TyLoo - alex, GoodRifle, tb, wx, xf

Singapore TiTans - bali, extreMe, StrykerX, techduck, syck


Results and Classification

* Group A matches will start tomorrow at 3:00 CET.


Sweden fnatic 15
  Sweden fnatic 18 12 Poland FX tuscan 06:00
China TyLoo 9
Sweden fnatic 19 11 Russia MYM train 10:00
Poland FX 9
Sweden fnatic 17 13 South Korea WMF dust2 03:00
South Korea WMF* 6
  Sweden fnatic 16 14 China TyLoo nuke 08:00
Russia MYM 6
  Sweden fnatic 23 07 Singapore TiTans inferno 04:00
Singapore TiTans 0
Poland FX 17 13 Russia MYM nuke 08:00

Poland FX 16 14 South Korea WMF inferno 04:00

Poland FX 11 19 China TyLoo dust2 03:00
Poland FX 26 04 Singapore TiTans train 10:00

Russia MYM 17 13 South Korea WMF tuscan 07:00

Russia MYM 10 20 China TyLoo inferno 04:00

Russia MYM 19 11 Singapore TiTans dust2 03:00

South Korea WMF 19 11 China TyLoo train 10:00

South Korea WMF 23 07 Singapore TiTans nuke 08:00
* round difference
China TyLoo 22 08 Singapore TiTans tuscan 07:00


Intercontinental Confront


On e-Stars first day we had different types of competitions that put face to face European and Asian teams, in some sort of intercontinental clash. At the beginning of the event a "Threesome" was on the way, a kind of competition where the three teams from Europe play against the three teams from Asia, with Russia MYM and Sweden fnatic achieving victories while Poland FX lost with South Korea WMF, thus resulting in an European 2 to 1 triumph.


Now running is the "Deathmatch" tournament, a series of duels in a challenge mode. The team from one continent that wins keeps playing with the teams from the other continent, until one continent runs out of teams. So far Sweden fnatic are looking good (first drafted European team), as they have beaten South Korea WMF (first drafted Asian team). Next in row are the  Singapore TiTans and if they win, only China TyLoo will be fighting for Asia.

** Update: Sweden fnatic won vs Singapore TiTans and now only China TyLoo stands up from Asia. If they successfully beat the team from Tianlu that means that it took only the Swedes to won the confront Europe - Asia

** Update2: Full House. Sweden fnatic just won 16 - 14 vs China TyLoo, in a rather close game. The European continent gets another triumph in the second intercontinental dispute, needing only one team to grab it.

Luggage Problems

On a little side note, Poland Frag-eXecutors player Poland Filip "Neo" Kubski had his luggage lost, including the gaming gear, by the airlines uppon arrival on South Korea Seoul. This happens right after Poland Jakub "kuben" Gurczyński got his bags stolen on his way to France Paris for the ESWC, along with his gear and passport, so one can truly say that these players have some kind  of bad luck when travelling abroad by plane.

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 Comments (14)
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Acho que quem vai ganhar vai ser os fnatic e em segundo deve ser os frag-Executor ou os MYM .
Fnatic no papo.
aposto nos FX
fnatic.MSI ftw
esperava mais dos fnatic
Enfim, os Fnatic desapontaram-me.
n1 fx x)
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