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Call Of Duty Black Ops: Details, Killstreaks and Iview
Written by  Spirit - Friday, 03 September 2010  (1 Comments )

Expected to be released on November 9th for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC, Call Of Duty: Black Ops is making the news all over the place. The PC multiplayer support will use Steamworks and Valve Anti-Cheat for DRM, in a version with dedicated servers as well as having full modding capabilities. Check out the killstreaks, the weapons and much more in this piece of news.

An interview with Josh Olin, where the Treyarch community manager answers questions about Call Of Duty: Black Ops, is also available.


<<< Trailer Inside >>>

Topics for the interview include the marketing budget for the game, a summary of what the game is about, the back story of Black Ops, returning characters from the COD franchise, the length of the campaign and the technological advances.

In a related statement, Gameservers.com confirms they will be the exclusive dedicated server provider for the game: "GameServers.com has expanded its global locations to 18 major cities around the globe outfitted with the latest in server and network technology specifically for the Black Ops title." 



Moving on to details such as killstreaks and weapons, although still subject to change, here is a list with some of them:



- Player ranks will go up to 50

- Treyarch said that reaching rank 50 will take about as much time as reaching 65 in World at War

- There will be an ability to Prestige

- The killcam is back for the end of the game, now called the "Final Killcam"

- Scoreboard will show your kills to deaths ratio

- The death icon on the scoreboard is the Purple Heart icon from World at War

- Dive moves initiated by sprinting and then going to prone

- Unlocks will primarily be handled through the use of "Call of Duty Points"

- This in-game currency will be used to purchase new weapon unlocks

- Currency used so as to not rely on reaching a new level to unlock a weapon every time as has been the case

- Can be used as betting currency in the game's new "Wager Modes"

- Earned through kills, wins, having a good K/D ratio, Wager Mode winnings

- Flamethrower attachment is 750 points

- Clan tags are 1000 points

- The top performers in these wages modes will take home a share of the total pot while the worst players get nothing

Wages Game Modes

One in the Chamber
- 3 lives
- Start with a pistol and one bullet, and your knife
- Kill an opponent to get a bullet added
- Miss with your single shot and you must then rely on your knife only to get the kill

Gun Game
- Same as in the Counter-Strike/Call of Duty 4 mod
- Begin with a knife
- Killing your opponents will automatically unlock a higher tiered weapon to use up to tier 20

- Random weapons given to players
- New weapons given to players after a period of time

Sticks and Stones
- Crossbow, Tomahawk, and Ballistic Knife only



- The ability to go Akimbo has returned

- Selectable zoom levels on some sniper rifles

- Scorpion, M1 Garand are both back

- M16 is a three-round burst

- Tomahawk

- Combat knife

- Flamethrower

- No red dots for the snipers

- Grenade launcher attachments are there but not for all weapons



3 Kills – Spy Plane

3 Kills – RC-XD (RC bomb)

4 Kills – Counter Spy Plane

4 Kills – SAM Turret

5 Kills – Care Package

5 Kills – Napalm Strike

6 Kills – Sentry Gun

6 Kills – Mortar Team

7 Kills – Attack Helicopter

7 Kills – Valkyrie Rockets

8 Kills – Blackbird

8 Kills – “Rolling Thunder”

9 Kills – Chopper Gunner

11 Kills – Attack Dogs

11 Kills – Gunship

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Este Jogo vai ser o Auge :D
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