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k1ck wins Dreamhack on Tour South Europe
Written by  Spirit - Saturday, 17 September 2011  (16 Comments )

Fighting most of the time against the Spanish Armada, the K1ck eSports Club Counter-Strike team won the Dreamhack on Tour South Europe that took place this weekend in Valencia. With so many things happening just before the tournament (changing the lineup, players arriving from vacations, no time to practice and so on), our team performed quite well, specially taking under consideration that this was the first time that these five players played together.

Now Jönköping awaits us on November 24th-27th, the third time that we will be attending Dreamhack Winter.

Dreamhack On Tour Valencia


After a slow start on day 1, losing 03-12 as CT in de_inferno vs DN-Gaming, things started to look promising when we turned the score around to draw 15-15, which would lead us to the first position in the group after beating 3DMAX! by a large margin. Day 2 was an all spanish opponents day. It started with x6tence in the semis, which we defeated once again with our Portuguese team after beating them in Ciberline and losing in Gamegune, and later on at the very exciting final with DN-Gaming.

The [16-08] dust2 score in map 1 vs x6tence was a rather one sided game and the team got the right balance to do a great first side in nuke, map 2, securing the [2:0] victory and advancing to the final. Again it wasn't the best match start but after losing [05-10] as CT in dust2, we turned the map around and won comfortably [16-11] making it [01:00] in the scoreboard. And when all seemed to be running smoothly, DN-Gaming achieved a great performance in de_train, leveling the result [01:01].

So inferno would be the decider and in a quite exciting match,  k1ck were ahead [15:13], betting on that round to lead to victory, but after losing it, the team was money short and in need of extra inspiration for the last round. That's when k1ck-coachi buys a ump, others deagles and everything that the players could get their hands on, a gun that would play an important role in the match, as our team captain killed an opponent with and k1ck-fox also used it to kill another one, while others did their best with the pistols, securing a [16:14] victory and the title of Dreamhack on Tour South Europe ( Portugal, France, Spain and  Italy) Champions!


So a good start for this group of players in their first tournament together as a team and first match ever, to be precise. Ending with a thank you note for Ozone, Tuganet and specially Clickfiel for the support, here is the k1ck lineup that attended this event:








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 Comments (16)
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assim mm caralh !
parabens k1ck : )
Quais foram os premios ?
nice win

K1CK parte tudo :D
K1CK = SK quer dizer melhor ! MUTT IS A N1 in THE WORLD AND FOXJ N2 IN THE WORLD

Os melhores xD
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