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XLParty Photos Available, Video on the Way
Written by   - Thursday, 22 December 2011  (9 Comments )

Today we have published the last batch of photos from the XLParty Lisboa 2011. Adding up to the ones we already had, these photos were taken by the K1ck eSports Club photographer Andreia Cavaleiro, making it an admirable sum of images from the last 2011 eSports event that went so well for the k1ck brotherhood in so many aspects, including the results, the entertainment and the friendship. The video will soon be available.

K1ck XLParty Lisboa 2011 Gallery

Facebook XLParty Lisboa 2011 Album


K1ck Crossfire Guerroi


Among your favorite eSports players, should you find a photo that is clearly the one you like the most, please post the link here so that we can offer a Christmas gift to the ones in the picture :)

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 Comments (9)
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#2 Spirit
Bom Natal para todos :)
muito boas fotos
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