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Written by  Spirit - Wednesday, 14 November 2012 - Main News

Well, shit happens. And when it hits the fan, someone will probably be held responsible. Imagine a large number of gamers buying the long awaited Call of Duty: Black Ops II, reaching for the PC and getting ready to play the game, only to find out that the second disk in the box is a... Mass Effect 2 disk, from Bioware, a direct Activision competitor.


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Written by  Spirit - Thursday, 04 October 2012 - Scene News

The upcoming military shooter sequel Call of Duty: Black Ops II is probably something to be remembered, as one can see in this eight minutes multiplayer combat footage. The video is accompanied by commentary from two of their editors who share their impressions on this mind blasting game, so far.


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Written by   - Wednesday, 26 September 2012 - Main News

The CyberGamer League Season 4 is on the way as we write, and this season has something new related to K1ck eSports Club. In fact, our k1ck.cod4 team is making a presence at the invite league and so far, so good, as we have won our first match vs HWA.Kingston by a 2:0 score, sitting comfortably in the third position. Some great names are disputing this league and obviously, we couldn't miss this one out.

Category:   Call of Duty  | Comments  (2)  | Share    
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Written by   - Sunday, 12 August 2012 - Main News

Once again a Call of Duty 4 K1ck eSports Club team will attend another good tournament in Spain. The players will travel to Granada this weekend so they can take part in the Lavega LanParty that will run from August the 10th till the 12th. Everyone has their stuff packed and ready to go, in order to fight for the best place at the final podium and add another award to the 577 that our club has already collected.



** UPDATE **

K1ck won the LaVega Lanparty in  Granada after beating HatersGonnaHate in the Grand Final. Winning all of the maps played in the whole tournament, this is another victorious trip to Spain from a K1ck team, two in two for  k1ck.cod4.

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Written by  Spirit - Friday, 03 August 2012 - Main News

For some time now that K1ck eSports Club and our great players and members have been hitting the news, whether it's on the internet, on paper, on the tv or on the radio. Once again one of our players is the center of an article that was published in Arganil's local newspaper, this time about Vitor "k1ck-s1ck" Travassos, member of the k1ck.cod4 squad.


Category:   Call of Duty  | Comments  (8)  | Share    
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Written by  Spirit - Sunday, 15 July 2012 - Main News

Once again one of K1ck eSports Club teams will be travelling to another country in order to attend an eSports competition. This time it will be k1ck.cod4 that will give its best at the Lavega LanParty that will take place in Granada, southern region of Spain, from August 9th till the 12th. This is not the first time that a K1ck Call of Duty 4 team travels to Spain in order to attend a tournament, as in 2008 k1ck.cod4 went to Lleida and won the competition, grabbing a significant piece of the prize-money in dispute.


Lavega LanParty CoD4

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Written by  Spirit - Sunday, 24 June 2012 - Main News

Another Lan Party is over and once again our teams did a great job. This time it was k1ck.cod4 that won yet another tournament, the Ourém Cyber Party 2012 to be more precise, playing under the k1ck tag. Winning all the best of three matches that were disputed during the whole weekend and not conceding a single map in the whole competition, the final was settled with a double 13-07 score.


eSports Club K1ck Multigaming Clan Logo vs


K1ck eSports Club [02:00] eQualite



K1ck OCP CoD4

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