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Written by  Spirit - Sunday, 09 September 2012 - Main News

Now that we are starting a new eSports season, right after summer vacations, what better to do it than announcing that K1ck eSports Club Counter-Strike team will be attending the Dreamhack Valencia 2012 that will take place in that Spanish city from September the 21st till the 23rd. As defending champions, following our victory in 2011, our players have the responsability of securing the title and the Dreamhack Winter 2012 spot as hard as they can, but it won't be an easy task for sure.


Dreamhack Valencia 2012

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Written by   - Thursday, 26 July 2012 - Scene News

As we have announced in a previous news, the K1ck eSports Club Counter Strike 1.6 team will attend the Gamegune 2012 that will take place in Espanha Bilbao, during the Euskal Party from July the 26th till the 29th, with a total prize-money of 22.500€ to handout.

Now that the groups in the competition have been drawn, one can see k1ck in Group A, along with fnatic DELTA and WebOne, ready to start competing on the 26th, 15h00 CET.

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Written by  Spirit - Sunday, 22 July 2012 - Main News

The Steelseries Summer Cup is under way at the CJM, Porto, and obviously our  k1ck.cs team wouldn't miss it. The best Portuguese Counter-Strike teams and paiN will be competing for the glory and the prize-money in dispute, besides having some more practice for the Bilbao Gamegune event up ahead. K1ck is inserted in Group D and has finished the first stage of the competition as the best first place, having booked a place in the second round of the playoffs.


** UPDATE **

K1ck has won the tournament, beating paiN in the semis and NorthernGrade in the final, both matches by the same 2:0 score.

eSports Club K1ck Multigaming Clan Logo vs


K1ck eSports Club [02:00] NorthernGrade


K1ck CJM

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Written by  Spirit - Sunday, 24 June 2012 - Main News

Keeping the tradition that runs almost for a decade, K1ck eSports Club will be attending Gamegune, the Counter-Strike competition that takes place every year in Bilbao during summer. This year the event will feature 16 teams divided into 4 groups of 4 teams each, with the first batch of teams already being announced and of course, k1ck.cs wouldn't miss the duty call.

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Written by  Spirit - Monday, 28 May 2012 - Main News

Just moments ago, K1ck has won the international Counter-Strike tournament xFRAGCup by CJM. Facing the Russian team zNation once again in the final game, the score was the same as in the group stage, and that is, a victory to our side. This time the match was played in the Best of Three format and the final 2:0 score was well deserved for K1ck, as the team achieved a great performance in the two maps.


eSports Club K1ck Multigaming Clan Logo vs


K1ck eSports Club [02:00] zNation


K1ck Wins xFRAGCup

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Written by   - Friday, 25 May 2012 - Main News

Tonight is the xFRAGCup kick off, a Counter-Strike event that will take place in Matosinhos, gathering the best teams in the country and international guests coming from different countries and continents. k1ck will obviously be there, hoping to go as far as possible, starting the group stage with the difficult task of facing zNation, the team that came a long way from the cold, most certainly wishing to have a say in the tournament podium.


Xfunction Fraglider CJM Cup


** UPDATE 26-05 23h00 **

The playoffs are on the way and k1ck has already advanced to the quarter finals by beating Hardstyle [2:0] in the first best of three match in the playoffs. Tomorrow we will be facing  imba.icsu in the next round.

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Written by  Spirit - Sunday, 29 April 2012 - Main News

And the series goes on. For the 4th time in a row, K1ck eSports Club wins the Counter-Strike EPT tournament, being the only team that  knows the feeling of being on the highest place of the podium in this competition. After two very calm consecutive group stages, our k1ck.cs team got into the final by beating the opponents in the quarter and semi finals by the same 2:0 score, in a single elimination bo3 format. Starting the final vs Phantoms with a demolishing 15:00 in the first half, the team continued to cruise through the rest of the match, finishing EPT 4 without losing a single map and taking home the 1 500 Eur in dispute.

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