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Written by  Spirit - Friday, 13 January 2012 - Main News

This time we go back 3 years and a few weeks, landing in Calahorra, on a cold December month right at the end of the year 2008, with the Neos Party 4th edition at its final moments. The Winners Final between the Counter-Strike teams x6tence and k1ck.es was being disputed and x6, looking for their 4th consecutive victory in the competition, were the favorites, at least on paper. But our freshly rebuilt team was composed by former WCG Spain winners, so no one could truly say that they wouldn't deliver their best perfomances at the finals. And so they did.

Banner K1ck Spain

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Written by   - Thursday, 12 January 2012 - Main News

The Plantronics GameCom CS:GO Invitational is well on the way, reaching the final stage of the competition after the semis that were concluded early this morning. This is the first Counter-Strike Global Offensive tournament, a game still in the Beta version, and the North American teams attending the event got there carrying two different backgrounds, as two have Counter-Strike 1.6 players and the other two Counter-Strike Source players.

UMX.US and Back2Back, representing CS 1.6, faced at the semis 3DMAX and Team Dynamic, representing CSS, and the Source teams both won 2:0, now fighting each other at the final for a piece of the $1 500 in dispute.


Counter-Strike Global Offensive Gamecom Invitational


** UPDATE **

Team Dynamic won the match vs 3DMAX at the final, beating the opponent by a 2:1 map score.

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Written by   - Saturday, 07 January 2012 - Scene News

What was suspected for some time has now officially happen. The North American organization  Evil Geniuses took the decision to shutdown its Counter-Strike 1.6 section, putting an end to the team primary division for over seven years. The players are now on their own, with  Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert remaining on the organization producing content and in the role of a "FPS gaming evangelist".


Evil Geniuses Jordan n0thing Gilbert

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Written by   - Friday, 06 January 2012 - Scene News

The IEM6 Global Challenge that will take place in Kiev will be featuring mousesports, after failing to qualify, as they have been invited due to the fact that ESL couldn't find an Asian team to attend the Counter-Strike event. Ironically, after losing to fnatic, WinFakt and Moscow Five at the European qualifier, the Germans have now been inserted in Group B along with these three teams.


ESL Intel Extreme Masters Kiev

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Written by   - Thursday, 22 December 2011 - Scene News

The former K1ck eSports Club Spanish Counter-Strike team players Carlos "xhiroz" Puente and Alberto "neptuNo" Gonzalez are coming back to the game, this time in Gaming.CO. According to a xhiroz statement, this comeback is only for a few EPS matches and nothing to be considered as an official comeback, at least in his perspective.


Gaming Cooperacion Online

neptuNo and xhiroz representing k1ck.es at the Kode5 2009 qualifier

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Written by  Spirit - Monday, 19 December 2011 - Main News

Today the K1ck eSports Club Counter-Strike team has added another title to the 2011 collection, ending the competitive year in style. In fact the MEO Fibra CS 1.6 competition was a part of the XLParty event that took place this weekend in  Lisbon, at the FIL venue to be more precise. After winning every single map in the tournament, our team took home 5 computers with the respective displays, plus some more stuff.


K1ck Counter-Strike Meo XLParty

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Written by  Spirit - Sunday, 11 December 2011 - Main News

It has been a while since a K1ck female team played a Portuguese cup, but our  k1ck.female Counter-Strike team has done just that at the ESL Female CS Cup that ended last night. Our girls did it with flying colors, winning each and every game all the way to the final and last night they concluded the tournament with a victory over their opponents, taking home the title and some Ozone Gaming stuff.


eSports Club K1ck Multigaming Clan Logo vs


K1ck eSports Club [02:01] Defs
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