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Written by  Spirit - Friday, 21 February 2014 - Main News

So the moment has arrived. Since 2009 that this website has been doing a great job for K1ck eSports Club, packed with over 1300 news, results, awards and so on, but we all knew that one day we would have to freeze it. K1ck launched it in rather difficult times, as the economy was kind of collapsing all around the world, but we leave it in great shape, strong as we have ever been and we can say that the job has been done.

So, as of today, this website has been frozen in time and although we will keep all of the stuff that has been published along with the files, pictures and artwork, if you want to read our news in any language that we have at your disposal, please proceed to K1ck eSports Club Website. Thank you for having been there for us through all of this time and for your dedication to K1ck eSports Club.

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Written by  Spirit - Wednesday, 19 February 2014 - Main News

As we have referred in a previous article, the beginning of the year is always a period when things run a little slow in the eSports world. Well, not here, at least in the background, as we have been prepairing something that we are sure will please this news readers. After launching our current and beloved website in 2009, K1ck eSports Club is now presenting a new website by the codename kv14, a responsive website that it was about time to see the light of day in this fast changing world, having taken under consideration the mobile aspects among others such as the competition's management, in order to please our audience. And because we know your time is precious, your previous login in the 2009 site is still valid in this new one. But that is not all, as we have laid the first stone in the foundation of our own K1ck Academy and as of today, the pre-registrations are open for all of you that ever wondered how you could improve your game and learn from the professionals, besides belonging to a team and getting to know a little better, this time from the inside, how the K1ck World is.


K1ck Website

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Written by   - Tuesday, 04 February 2014 - Main News

Ozone Gaming is launching a new gaming mouse and just by looking at the pictures, Neon will probably be a huge success. It looks right, it feels right and it's sleek, precise and versatile. Being an ambidextrous gaming mouse designed to suit a wide variety of grip styles and hand sizes, the ultra-precise 6400 DPI laser sensor ensures a perfect tracking performance and can easily go to 6400, 3500, 1800 and 800 DPI with LED level indicator.


Ozone Neon

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Written by   - Tuesday, 04 February 2014 - Main News

Kingston® Technology welcomes a new addition to its memory card family with the new SDHC/SDXC UHS-I U3 Flash card. Specifically designed to meet the latest Ultra-High Speed Class 3 specifications from the SD association, Kingston’s SDHC/SDXC UHS-I U3 card guarantees minimum write speeds of 30MB/s making it ideal to record and playback 4K2K HD videos without interruption.


Kingston Card

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Written by  Spirit - Tuesday, 28 January 2014 - Main News

As it happens every year in the eSports world, January is always a slow month and this year it was no exception. But that doesn't mean that here at K1ck eSports Club, we have just sat down at the dock of the bay watching the time roll away. In fact we had our plans for this period and soon we can start making announcements that we are sure will please the majority of our fans and followers, but also the general public. So please bear with us a little longer while we round some corners and polish some brass.


K1ck 15 years

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Written by  Spirit - Monday, 30 December 2013 - Main News

Another year is coming to an end and K1ck eSports Club keeps on going, strong as ever and racking up awards after awards, while at the same time strengthening our structure and credibility towards our followers and sponsors, plus increasing our popularity in the eSports communities all around the world.

2013 was the year that we took a huge step into the international stardom with our Counter-Strike Global Offensive team, participating in the advanced stages of the best online tournaments and attending several LAN events, also being included in a top 10 CS:GO World Ranking on the 9th position.


Happy New Year 2013

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Written by   - Friday, 27 December 2013 - Scene News

Accusing Electronic Arts of developing content that threatens China's national security and is a form of cultural invasion, the Chinese government has officially banned the first-person shooter game Battlefield 4, prohibiting all materials related to the game in any form, including game downloads, demos, patch downloads, and news reports.


Battlefield 4

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