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Written by   - Monday, 14 October 2013 - Scene News

As of yesterday there is a remodelled portal for the Portuguese gaming community that goes by the name GamerBOX. Packed with the usual stuff regarding news, streams, forums, events, guides and so on, this news portal is paying special to League of Legends, DotA 2 and Starcraft II, as you can use one of these filters to go directly to each game related news.



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Written by   - Sunday, 13 October 2013 - Main News

Some time ago, Valve has announced that the Steam Universe would be expanding in 2014 and promised three revelations, as they are working on even more ways to connect the dots for customers who want Steam in the living-room. Two are already out of the bag and as the time of writing, we will have to wait 26 hours to find out more about the third one, but what we already know is that a revolution is on its way.

Steam OS and Steam Machines are words that will probably become popular in a near future, for the new Valve Linux-based free operating system built around Steam itself, designed for the TV and the living room, will provide seamless access to over 2 000 titles, allowing users to stream games from their main PC or Mac to the living room TV.


Steam Controller


** UPDATE **

We know now that the third revelation that Valve has promised is the Steam Controller, a new way to play the entire Steam library from the sofa. This gamepad is a new kind of input technology that will work with all the games on Steam: past, present, and future, featuring a touch screen, dual trackpads and much more. Check out the first demonstration video:


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Written by   - Wednesday, 09 October 2013 - Scene News

The ShootMania Storm Elite Demo is now open and the best part of the news is that you can win a PlayStation 4 if you enter the competitions that Nadeo is running until October 31st. This demo is featuring a full mode from the retail product offering the Elite 3vs3 game mode, matchmaking, dedicated rankings and progression levels, allowing even more PC gamers to experience the thrill of ShootMania competitive online matches.


Shootmania Playstation 4

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Written by  Spirit - Wednesday, 25 September 2013 - Scene News

DDOS attacks are becoming increasingly problematic for the gaming community with organizations, teams and community websites being targeted by unknown individuals, but the problem becomes even bigger when gaming servers are abused to amplify these attacks, or just disrupted during the course of a competition. As an example. the Counter-Strike Global Offensive community website HLTV.org was under a heavy distributed denial-of-service attack just a few days ago, with the users not being able to access their services for around two or three hours.


DDOS Attack

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Written by   - Monday, 23 September 2013 - Scene News

Managing online communities has always been some sort of nightmare for the ones involved and Linda Carlson, director of global community relations at Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), explains in an interview at the Gaming Industry International that their approach to griefers includes the possibility of banning someone from playing their games if they can determine he or she is being excessively abusive even when this is external to a game, using Twitter abuse as an example.


Mountain Troll

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Written by   - Thursday, 19 September 2013 - Scene News

Well, why not? Hosted by the 2013 Portland Retro Gaming Expo at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon, the 4th Annual Classic Tetris World Championship will be taking place on October 5th and 6th, gathering players from all over the world in search of the $1,000 reward, but specially the honor of walking away with the title. Last year Jonas Neubauer gave little or no chances at all to his competitors, as he has done in previous years, but this year something different might be happening. Here is the promo for last year's tournament:


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Written by   - Tuesday, 17 September 2013 - Scene News

Grand Theft Auto V, The Most Expensive Video Game Ever, seems to be destined to generate madness all around, the good and the bad kind of madness. In fact, Twitter UK has revealed that in the last 24 hours alone, Rockstar’s game has been mentioned more than two million times on the service, also catching the eye of the UK media with the BBC and the big newspapers running pieces on the game, but a 23 year old man was hit with a brick and stabbed shortly after leaving an Asda supermarket in Colindale, north London, where he bought the game that went on sale at midnight.



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