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  • 2013 Review
    What a Great Year for K1ck!
  • XLParty FIL 2013
    K1ck wins in CS:GO and Dota 2. LoL and FIFA14 2nd
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    K1ck 7th once again
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Written by   - Monday, 30 December 2013

Ozone Gaming has launched a new headset with Dynamic Bass, Premium X-Surround Sound, Environment Noise Cancellation and a Stylish Ergonomic Design so that you won’t even feel you are wearing them. The Onda Pro is in fact a great addition to the headset's family packing the new Ozone DSP Technology and the Voice processing that really makes a difference thanks to the Ozone Vocal ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation) technology for dual omni-microphones.


Ozone Onda Pro

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Written by  Spirit - Friday, 20 December 2013

Last night we have streamed the K1ck 15 Years Mega Contest final draw in our K1ck Twitch Channel, so now we know who the many winners of those fabulous prizes are. We would like to thank our sponsors Kingston, Ozone, Asus and Clickfiel for making it possible and wish you all a Merry Christmas, hoping that, at least for some of you, it will be even better after winning a great prize here at your favorite eSports Club, K1ck.


K1ck 15 Years Contest

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Written by   - Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Today we have witnessed an episode that seemed to be something out of a movie, when admins from SLTV StarLadder offered us a proposal that we could not refuse. Either we would accept what they were proposing or if we refuse and talk about it or publish something regarding the subject, we would be thrown out of SLTV's next season. But rest assured that we are all ok cause as far as we know, no one has received a horse's head at home.

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Written by   - Monday, 16 December 2013

And in what might have been the last XLParty in the actual format according to well fundamented rumors, K1ck eSports Club has attended 4 tournaments and reached 4 finals, winning in Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2, thus prolonging the streak of victories and already looking forward to the new format that the organizers of the biggest Portuguese LAN Party will present in the future.


K1ck at XLParty FIL 2013

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Written by   - Thursday, 12 December 2013

We have lost track of how many XLParties K1ck have attended since the first one in Coimbra back in 2007, but it's always a pleasure to participate in one more, the 25th so they say. Last year we have done a great job at the FIL edition, winning 7 tournaments with 7 teams but this year K1ck has been travelling a different path, making an intensive bet on less games but the ones with a high profile in the eSports community all around the world, so we will attend the event with only 3 teams: Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2 and League of Legends.


XLParty FIL 2013

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Written by   - Thursday, 12 December 2013

The 2013 year is quickly coming to an end and our Counter-Strike Global Offensive team has been quite busy. Just last night we have finished our participation in two major online tournaments, not getting through to the lan finals (SLTV StarSeries) and to the playoffs (Fragbite Masters) by the skin of our teeth.

In the most famous CS:GO online league at the moment and after 15 matches, we have come short of the 4th place by 2 miserable points, having lost four days ago an important match vs  iNation that took us away from the lan finals in  Kiev. Regarding the Fragbite Masters and after a great victory vs  VeryGames in the Group of Death from the 2nd group stage, we have lost a tight game vs Astana Dragons and couldn't hold off VeryGames' return as they move into the playoffs, leaving behind fnatic, the recent Dreamhack Winter winners, in the last position of the group.


SLTV StarSeries Season VIII matches

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Written by  Spirit - Wednesday, 11 December 2013

It was in mid September that the K1ck eSports Club Counter-Strike Global Offensive team was invited to the Fragbite Masters, an online tournament due to start on November the 18th, featuring a total of 32 teams and a $21,600 prize money. The 16 invited teams have already been revealed as well as the teams that went through the qualifiers to get a place in this tournament that gathers the best CS:GO players in Europe.


Fragbite Masters CS:GO


After going through the first group stage with flying colors,  k1ck will have a much harder task in the second group stage as we have been drawn into a group featuring the Dreamhack Winter 2013 winners, the MSI Beat It! 2013 winners and the TECHLABS Cup 2013 winning team.

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Written by   - Tuesday, 03 December 2013

Our most recent team has already won a tournament during this short period here at K1ck eSports Club, and today we will try to find out more about one of the  k1ck.dota2 players, on the verge of attending his first LAN event under the K1ck colors: João "KryZtaL^" Rodrigues. He is our guest in another "7 Questions for" topic, so check out what he has to say about his gaming background, why he plays the game and his personal ambitions.


Dota2 Pick

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Written by   - Monday, 02 December 2013

So the biggest contest that K1ck has have ever made, with the biggest prizes, is now almost over, but we still have to find some of the contest winners. Here we will be publishing a list of possible winners, the ones that had a valid answer to our questions, which will allow them to enter the draw that we will be making live in a special streaming to be announced soon. There is however one particular user that was the only one to get the right answer in one of our contests, so he already won the prize in dispute, as there is no need to make a draw.


K1ck 15 Years Mega Contest

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Written by   - Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Ozone Gaming has lauched the ultimate mechanical gaming keyboard, the Ozone Strike Pro, leading the evolution of gaming at its best. From the matchless tactile feel of its keys, to the stunning LED backlights, everything in Strike Pro is aimed towards gaming.

Ozone Strike Pro Keyboard

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