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Written by  Spirit - Sunday, 09 February 2014 - Main News

Taking advantage of the great moment that our k1ck.dota2 team is going through, we have joined the first season of the joinDOTA league. The stats regarding this new league are amazing, as 2572 teams signed up from which 1376 signed up for joinDOTA League Europe. Being a debut, we have already conquered our first 2-0 victory in our Iberian starter division, hoping to keep this winning streak.


Dota2 joindota league

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Written by   - Tuesday, 03 December 2013 - Main News

Our most recent team has already won a tournament during this short period here at K1ck eSports Club, and today we will try to find out more about one of the  k1ck.dota2 players, on the verge of attending his first LAN event under the K1ck colors: João "KryZtaL^" Rodrigues. He is our guest in another "7 Questions for" topic, so check out what he has to say about his gaming background, why he plays the game and his personal ambitions.


Dota2 Pick

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Written by   - Monday, 25 November 2013 - Main News

And in the first DotA 2 tournament that K1ck has ever played, things couldn't be better. Our  k1ck.dota2 team has won the Fraglider Steelseries Cup, beating every opponent in the group stage and playoffs, not losing a single map in the entire competition. The 32 teams that attended the Cup let us think that the game will be quite popular in the country, same as in other countries, and in just a couple of weeks we will find that out in the XLParty FIL 2013 edition.


DotA 2 Valve Dragon

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Written by  Spirit - Saturday, 16 November 2013 - Main News

Once again there will be a DotA 2 tournament at this year's XLParty FIL edition, but this time with a twist, as it will be an ASUS ROG event. This means that the prize for the first place will be provided by ASUS and we couldn't obviously miss it, now that our  k1ck.dota2 is doing so fine at the Fraglider Steelseries Cup, already qualified for the winners final after beating Panthers in the semis.


XLParty DotA 2

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Written by  Spirit - Sunday, 03 November 2013 - Main News

Being one of the biggest games out there, K1ck would inevitably jump aboard DotA 2 sooner or later, so today we would like to announce our  k1ck.dota2 team, packed with great players from the Portuguese scene that have already won one of the few DotA 2 lan tournaments in the country, the XLParty to be more precise.


DotA 2 Valve

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Written by   - Monday, 14 October 2013 - Scene News

Soon after the end of The International 3, all of the Dignitas DotA 2 players attending the event left the team. Faced with the problem, the Dignitas manager  Charlie "Monolith" Yang decided to rebuild the team from scratch, taking five new players under his wing.


Dignitas DotA 2

(Former Dignitas DotA 2 team with Universe, Fogged, Sneyking, Waytosexy and Aui_2000)

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Written by   - Friday, 27 September 2013 - Main News

A new DotA 2 competition was born yesterday, with  NaVi and Virtus.pro lining up to create what they have called the DotA 2 Champions League. Ten invited teams coming from Europe and the United States will be fighting in this league for a share of the guaranteed $50 000 prize-money, plus 25% of the total DotATV ticket sales, which will certainly cause some impact in the community.


DotA 2 Champions League

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