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Written by   - Friday, 20 September 2013 - Scene News

On September the 23rd there will be a DotA 2 update available that goes by the name The First Blood Update, introducing local play, captain's draft and the improved armory. Here are the main features:


DotA 2 The First Blood Update

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Written by   - Thursday, 19 September 2013 - Scene News

WPC-ACE, the first big DotA 2 Chinese tournament featuring a 1,400,000 RMB (~$228 700 USD) prize-pool will be starting this sunday, after some wild team changes with the players being replaced and swapped over and over again. The first game will be an interesting DK vs VG, a match with so much history behind the scenes as some players will be fighting against their former team.



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Written by   - Saturday, 14 September 2013 - Scene News

Team Empire is back in business with a new DotA 2 lineup, gathering three Russians and 2 Ukrainians under the same roof. This group of players looks quite good, at least on paper, and soon we will be able to judge by yourselves what they are capable of, while facing strong opponents.


Team Empire Dota 2

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Written by   - Thursday, 05 September 2013 - Scene News

When the subject is DotA 2, we can't help taking a look at  China, a country that has seen so many great players hit the international news and achieve success in what they do. So this news will be about Team DK, Invictus Gaming and TongFu, and what is going on with the changes, swaps and so on, unlike  NaVi that has issued a statement reassuring that the team will endure and will not make any changes, putting an end to the rumors.


Team DK DotA 2

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Written by   - Tuesday, 30 July 2013 - Scene News

Well, the signs are all around for those of you that want to see the eSports phenomena growing up and now it's the Swedish TV6 TV Channel that will be broadcasting The International 3, a DotA 2 event that will take place in Seattle with the biggest prize money in the eSports world so far, $2.6 Million. Between the 7th of August and 11th of August, you can follow the tournament on the web (TV6 PlayTV6.se) and TV6 will broadcast live, starting 21.00 CEST from the last two days of the tournament. Here is the full press release:


The INternational 3 DotA 2


** UPDATE **

The International 3 Prize Break

1º - $1,363,413 USD

2º - $599,902 USD

3º - $272,683 USD

4º - $190,878 USD

5º - $109,073 USD

6º - $109,073 USD

7º - $40,902 USD

8º - $40,902 USD

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Written by   - Tuesday, 25 June 2013 - Scene News

Nexon has announced their new Starter League, the first serious attempt to create a DotA 2 league in  South Korea. The NSL will be an open league which will lead to the creation of new DotA 2 teams and increase competition within the country's borders, although the event coverage will also be done in English. Using the brand new Korean servers, this will be an opportunity for established and new teams to draw the sponsors attention to their performances, while trying to get that most coveted invite to The International 2013.


Nexon Starter League Dota 2

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Written by  Spirit - Sunday, 23 June 2013 - Scene News

Corrupt betting practices, a phenomenon that we've seen many times in the past linked to many sports, namely football, tennis and pool, has now arrived to eSports. The RoX.KIS DotA 2 player Alexei "Solo" Berezina was caught betting against his own team in a StarLadder match, through his girlfriend account, making all at his grasp to lose it, using experimental picks and providing odd commands to his teammates.


Rox.Kis Solo


** UPDATE **

Solo's lifetime ban has been reduced to just one year by StarLadder organization due to the public apology.

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