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Written by   - Monday, 26 March 2012 - Scene News

One of the best DotA 2 teams in the scenery has become homeless. In fact, the organization NEXT.kz took the decision to drop its Dota 2 team that got a second placing at joinDOTA Masters I, losing to Evil Geniuses at the final and moving aside teams such as CLG and  Team Dignitas on their way to the decisive match. The reason behind this surprising decision was pointed out as a loss in business interest, leading to an effective cut in the sponsorship for the team.


Next.kz DotA 2

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Written by   - Tuesday, 06 March 2012 - Scene News

The online DotA 2 tournament known as The Defense has been running for over 3 months and this weekend has finally come to an end. The great winners are NaVi, but although some would have bet right from the start on the Ukrainian team to take this tournament home, things weren't that easy as they were losing 0:2 at the Grand Final facing Quantic Gaming, having to turn the match around. After scoring a 3:2 triumph, they have walked away with €6 000.


DotA 2 The Defense

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Written by   - Monday, 27 February 2012 - Scene News

The German structure MYM seems to be having a hard day at DotA 2, after being a successful organization in the first version of the DotA game. In fact, after recruiting Scythe.SG they have replaced them with the former  MUFC complemented with Lim Han Yong "hyhy" Benedict, most certainly having some interest in the Asian market. Now they have parted ways due to different opinions concerning the future.

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Written by   - Tuesday, 21 February 2012 - Scene News

The former SK Gaming DotA 2 team has been picked up by Quantic Gaming, after being released in late January. This means that this talented and experienced group of players will once again be competing under a safe roof, with a match vs Absolute Legends already scheduled at The Premier League, in 4 days time.


SK Gaming DotA 2

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Written by   - Saturday, 18 February 2012 - Scene News

compLexity are back into the DotA scene, this time by giving a warm welcome to the team formerly known as Team Fire. Being one of the best DotA 2 teams in the world, currently ranked #1 by GosuGamers and #2 by ESFI, this Canadian / North American bundle of players can now aspire for higher goals, having the required support.


Complexity DotA

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Written by   - Tuesday, 31 January 2012 - Scene News

A lot has happened since Valve announced DotA 2 and the tournament that would change some people's lives, specially the ones that won the million dollar prize. Nowadays things keep on happening in the DotA 2 community with teams changing players, others changing name and unfortunately, some falling down. But the tournaments are increasing in numbers and today we will bring you a round up of all these things.


DotA 2

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Written by   - Monday, 16 January 2012 - Scene News

The Defense, the invite only Dota 2 tournament held by joinDOTA that features 24 professional teams fighting for 10,000 €, is on its second group stage, after 12 teams were sent home on the first group stage. Now the best 12 formations were divided into two groups and only the first two will proceed to the double elimination semi finals. Some rules were also updated, specially the ones concerning stand-in players that caused quite a controversy.


Dota 2 Valve

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