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Written by   - Friday, 13 January 2012 - Scene News

The brand new eSports organization Western Wolves has announced a DotA 2 team, engaging the services of the French players that were using the name  Team Shakira. This team has always made a presence at the big events, finishing 4th at Dreamhack Winter 2011, and will now defend the WW colors in the future.


Western Wolves

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Written by   - Sunday, 25 December 2011 - Scene News

Since the DotA 2 International Valve event that more and more eSports organizations are building teams or fishing the ones that are already playing the game, although it is not yet officially published. This time it was Infused and LowLandLions that have adopted DotA 2, with  infused.dota2 coming from Sweden and lll.dota2 from the Netherlands.


Dota 2 Valve

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Written by   - Monday, 05 December 2011 - Scene News

"Keep them coming!" seems to be the motto for the yet to be officially released DotA 2 game, now with another of the big eSports names jumping into the speeding MOBA train.  Mousesports have come to terms with the former EBIN team, after a long period without representation in the DotA series. The team will start competing under the mauz tag right away, travelling to Kiev this week in order to attend the CyberArena Dota 2 Championship.

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Written by   - Wednesday, 30 November 2011 - Scene News

Another day, another team jumping into DotA 2. This time it was the French based organization  eSahara that announced a DotA 2 team arriving from Ukraine in the likes of the former  DTS team. Built around team leader max1.ksN, his new mates have competed in the BenQ Dota 2 Clash, dropping out of the tournament in the semis.

electronic sahara

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Written by   - Monday, 14 November 2011 - Scene News

This is no funny business, just your regular monkey business, as this was the former name of the team that SK Gaming has signed up for DotA 2. This team comes from Denmark and while being a rather new formation, they have already achieved  a gold medal at the Nordic-eSports Dota Challenge and a silver medal at the Intel Challenge: Supercup #9.

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Written by   - Tuesday, 08 November 2011 - Scene News

Making it a trio in MOBA games, fnatic announced a DotA 2 team in the likes of 4GamersLeague, a team that finished the ESWC in the third place and is composed by Serbo-Croatian players. This will be a new addition to the famous League of Legends and Heroes or Newerth fnatic teams, setting a clear strategy focused in this game genre.

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Written by   - Friday, 23 September 2011 - Scene News

Since the return of the ESWC Championships, a fair amount of annoucements, counter-announcements, boycott threats and general fuss has been frequent over the last year up till now. And today we have another one to write about, as the organizing committee changed DotA for Valve's DotA 2, just like that.

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