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Today we would like to announce a new K1ck team, this time for a new game in our Club: k1ck.r6. As many have already guessed, we are talking about Rainbow Six, the tactical shooter that has reached so much success around the world. R6 Leagues are popping up all over the place with well known teams engaging in fearsome battles, so this is the perfect timing to gather another handful of skilled players and do what we do best.

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K1ck Presents LoL Team http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/449-k1ck-presents-lol-team-2 http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/449-k1ck-presents-lol-team-2

Following the changed League of Legends investment policy and strategy regarding the Portuguese League (Lplol) that K1ck has implemented on January 2019, today we are pleased to present the new K1ck League of Legends team, packed with great skill. Some familiar names that we have faced competing for other teams throughout the years are on board, as well as some young talent that we have analyzed and recruited. So without further delay, here is the K1ck.lol team:


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Fortnite World Cup with $40 million http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fortnite/447-fortnite-world-cup-with-40-million http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fortnite/447-fortnite-world-cup-with-40-million

And when you think that some Esports limit has been reached, you get surprised by announcements such as this one: the Fortnite World Cup main event boasts a major $30 million prize pool and each week of the qualifiers will have $1 million up for grabs, totalling to an extra $10 million available. So it's 40M all around...

The K1ck.ftn players will be attending the qualifiers and on this first week, K1ck-raZguL and K1ck-Balazio already got through to today's final.

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K1ck Going into Apex Legends http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/apex/446-k1ck-going-into-apex-legends http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/apex/446-k1ck-going-into-apex-legends

Today is the day when we add a new game to our Club, an occasion that although rare, it is always something to be highlighted. We are talking about Apex Legends, the free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, that has reached so many gamers around the world, being a huge success. Our  k1ck.apex team will also be featuring the return of two former K1ck players from Call of Duty 4 and Overwatch to the Club. Check it out:

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K1ck Challenge in Católica http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fifa/445-k1ck-challenge-in-catolica http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fifa/445-k1ck-challenge-in-catolica

Throughout two days of great FIFA19 games, the participants in our K1ck Challenge at  the Universidade Católica do Porto venue had a great time facing each other and the 8 best players went on to play with our very own K1ck-JOliveira10. Amazing prizes in dispute, such as a Corsair K70 MK2 KeyboardK1ck Jerseys and a Corsair Glaive Mouse, plus some Legion merchandising stuff from Lenovo that was offered to the crowd, contributed to an enjoyable initiative that can only be classified as a success.


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K1ck csgo Adds Two http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/cs-go/444-k1ck-csgo-adds-two http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/cs-go/444-k1ck-csgo-adds-two

Due to the fact that  João "Sh1zlee" Sá had to retire from competitive gaming, as his professional affairs don't allow him the time to keep on being an active part of the team, we are happy to announce that k1ck.csgo will be adding two new members to the roster: the player Pedro "fakes2" Sousa that will be filling in the vacant spot and Francisco "Bhx" Ramos, returning to the Club in the Coach role.

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K1ck LoL and CS:GO in Arcos de Valdevez http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/other-news/443-k1ck-lol-and-cs-go-in-arcos-de-valdevez http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/other-news/443-k1ck-lol-and-cs-go-in-arcos-de-valdevez

This weekend all the Portuguese gamers attention will be drawn to Arcos de Valdevez, the place where the LPLOL (Liga Portuguesa de League of Legends) and LPCS (Liga Portuguesa de Counter-Strike Global Offensive) split finals will take place. K1ck is the only organization that will be attending both finals, featuring the  K1ck.lol and K1ck.csgo teams, with the latter starting the competition this Friday, 10h30, facing Baecon Gaming and K1ck.lol entering the Summoner's Rift on Saturday, 14h30, playing vs EGN or Doxa.

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K1ck presents a new Online Store! http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/14-brands/441-k1ck-presents-a-new-online-store http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/14-brands/441-k1ck-presents-a-new-online-store

Today we are proud to present the new K1ck Online Store, packed with several products that the fans, gamers and general public will be able to acquire, taking advantage of campaigns, discounts, plus a modern interface and design really easy to use. If you want a K1ck jersey from your favorite player or customized with your nickname, head over to http://store.k1ck.com and choose the version, size and customization you want.

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