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So the moment has arrived. Since 2014 that this website has been doing a great job for K1CK Esports Club, packed with over 500 news, results, awards and so on, but we all knew that one day we would have to freeze it. K1CK launched it in rather promising times, as our club was growing really fast and we leave it in great shape, strong as we have ever been and we can say that the job has been done.

So, as of today, this website has been frozen in time and although we will keep all of the stuff that has been published along with the files, pictures and artwork, if you want to read our new that we have at your disposal, please proceed to K1CK Esports Club Website. Thank you for having been there for us through all of this time and for your dedication to K1CK Esports Club.

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Happy 2021! http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/500-happy-2021 http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/500-happy-2021

2020 has been a crazy year, for sure! Although we all suffered the effects of a pandemic, something that never in my wildest dreams I would think it would be happening in such a scale, the year that is now ending was also filled up with happy moments. To make it brief in terms of results, K1CK was the  League of Legends European Masters Spring 2020 runner-up, the Polish Ultraliga Season #4 League Champions and 3rd in the Apex Legends ALGS Summer Circuit 2020.

But in terms of structure, the biggest moment was reserved for the last months of 2020, as K1CK became a part of ESE Entertainment, a company with physical and digital assets across the globe and publicly listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in Toronto.

Now that 2020 is coming to an end, we would like to reminisce about the past but also prepare the future, so we are proud to present the new K1CK.lol team that will be defending our title in Ultraliga Season 5.

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K1CK and Nuvei http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/14-brands/499-k1ck-and-nuvei http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/14-brands/499-k1ck-and-nuvei

New year, many great things coming our way, starting with:

MONTREAL and VANCOUVER, British Columbia – December 17, 2020 – Nuvei Corporation (“Nuvei” or the “Company”) (TSX: NVEI and NVEI.U), the global payment technology partner of thriving brands, announces it has entered an agreement with ESE Entertainment (TSXV: ESE) to be the title sponsor of leading esports team K1CK for all of its competitions for the 2021 season, across League of Legends, FIFA, Apex Legends and more. Pursuant to the Agreement, Nuvei has agreed to sponsor ESE’s K1CK esports team for the upcoming 2021 season, including jersey logo placement, inclusion in digital assets and related support, plus providing integration of the Company’s payment processing technology across ESE’s ecommerce and esports channels.

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K1CK, JOliveira10 and Rio Ave http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fifa/498-k1ck-joliveira10-and-rio-ave http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fifa/498-k1ck-joliveira10-and-rio-ave

Another FIFA season has already started and K1CK would like to announce the contract renewal with  JOliveira10 (short video inside the news), plus a partnership with the Portuguese football club Rio Ave, in yet two more steps towards a great 2021 year.

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K1CK Qualified to Trinity Force Puchar Polski 2020 http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/497-k1ck-qualified-to-trinity-force-puchar-polski-2020 http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/497-k1ck-qualified-to-trinity-force-puchar-polski-2020

Another League of Legends tournament has started in Poland and our  K1CK team has already achieved the qualification to the final stage of the competition, beating AGO Rogue in the Qualifier #1 semi finals.

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K1CK 3rd in the Apex Legends Summer Circuit! http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/apex/496-k1ck-3rd-in-the-apex-legends-summer-circuit http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/apex/496-k1ck-3rd-in-the-apex-legends-summer-circuit

Talking about a debut and the first tournament that our new  K1CK.apex roster has played, we can only say that it was a big performance from our team at the ALGS Super Regional Playoffs - EMEA. Winning round 2 and securing 13 kills in round 5 led us to a well deserved 3rd place and a $18,000 prize, conquering one more podium medal to our well furnished Awards section.

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Apex Legends Changes http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/apex/495-apex-legends-changes http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/apex/495-apex-legends-changes

Now that we are on the verge of starting a new season, K1CK has made some changes and there are more to come, but for today we would like to present our new K1CK.apex roster, a team that will be representing our colors in the Apex Legends best tournaments, a game that from the start has been dear to us.

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K1ck Wins Ultraliga! http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/494-k1ck-wins-ultraliga http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/494-k1ck-wins-ultraliga

After competely dominating the Portuguese League of Legends scene for 4 years in a row, winning innumerous splits and 4 times the National Championship Finals, K1CK has now conquered the Polish Championship Ultraliga title, by beating AGO Rogue 3-1 in the Season #4 Grand Final!

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