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Following the news that we wrote in July regarding FIFA overall, K1ck is now revealing the first step towards a stronger presence in the upcoming FIFA18 community. In fact we have signed the Liga NOS 2017 champion, the several times ESWC Portugal competition champion, FPF eSports Supertaça Allianz winner and Allianz Challenge finalist, just to make it short, Diogo "somosnos" Brás.

Diogo "somosnos" Brás with the Liga Nos trophy where he played with FC Porto

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K1ck wins Lplol Split #2 First Match http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/370-k1ck-wins-lplol-split-2-first-match http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/370-k1ck-wins-lplol-split-2-first-match

After a short vacation period between the first and the second LPLoL 2017 splits, K1ck.lol is back in action and on this saturday we have attended the first round of this new split, a live event that took place on Forum Picoas in Lisbon. Defending its Champion title, K1ck gave little or no chance to their opponents and scored a 2-0 victory, presenting a lineup with a little surprise...

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Changes in K1ck CS:GO http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/cs-go/365-changes-in-k1ck-cs-go http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/cs-go/365-changes-in-k1ck-cs-go

Now that the season 2016-2017 is over, K1ck will be making some changes in our Counter-Strike Global Offensive section. The final roster will be rather different and many new faces will probably arrive in our Club during August, preparing for a September full of action.

** UPDATE 11-09 **

K1ck.csgo presented an almost entirely new roster at the Moche LPGO closed qualifier, obtaining 3 victories, 1 defeat and the desired spot in the league.

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K1ck transfers Rmn as well http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/cs-go/369-k1ck-transfers-rmn-as-well http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/cs-go/369-k1ck-transfers-rmn-as-well

On a rather busy summertime, our club has concluded yet another transfer, on this occasion Ricardo "Rmn" Oliveira, a long time K1ck player. Having an international Counter-Strike career that goes way back to the 1.6 version, Rmn has won several trophies wearing our yellow and black jerseys and created fans whenever he performed throughout all these years. Now the time has come to face a different challenge in another country, so we can only expect to see him wearing the K1ck tag sometime in the future.

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Lechase returning to K1ck http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/368-lechase-returning-to-k1ck http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/368-lechase-returning-to-k1ck

Now that the Liga Portuguesa de League of Legends 2017 second split is about to start, we have great news here at K1ck eSports as António "Lechase" Ramalho is back to his jungler role in our squad. Being a part of the most famous K1ck.lol team that represented our organization for almost 2 years, along with his now once again teammate Alexandre "Truklax" Nascimento, K1ck-Lechase and the others can be seen in action on September the 9th at Forum Picoas in Lisbon, the place where Lplol will start its brand new season.

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K1ck transfers Mut http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/cs-go/367-k1ck-transfers-mut http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/cs-go/367-k1ck-transfers-mut

A long time ago, back in 2009, K1ck signed a player that everybody was talking about, a kid with a great future in the Counter-Strike world. Eight years later, we have reached an agreement with another club for his transfer, hoping that he keeps on amazing every follower and fan with his great skill. So in September, if you want to watch Christopher "Mut" Fernandes playing CS:GO you will have to tune in to a different country and club address.


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MSI GS63VR and GS73VR with GTX 1070 Max-Q http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/14-brands/366-msi-gs63vr-and-gs73vr-with-gtx-1070-max-q http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/14-brands/366-msi-gs63vr-and-gs73vr-with-gtx-1070-max-q

Featuring the GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q graphics and its powerful cooling system, the new MSI GS63VR and GS73VR product lines offer great graphics and a smashing overall performance, completed with a lovely display and a quite comfortable customizable keyboard. If you add up to all this the sleek and great-looking chassis, you have a winner with a big gaming rig in a superslim body.

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Infinite Desktops by MSI http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/14-brands/364-infinite-desktops-by-msi http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/14-brands/364-infinite-desktops-by-msi

The Infinite Desktops by MSI are truthfull to their name when it comes to the possibilities they offer. Built with the best gaming experience in mind, MSI again shows us why they are the very best at delivering top quality in a new product where both hardware and software work together to allow us to play at our very best.

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