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After some exciting Rainbow Six Siege games during the weekend, K1ck has become the first National Champion in the Portuguese R6S League by Niuscup! It was a long path as the League started in May and in the last day of June the show could not have been better. Facing 1Grama in the final, after a good victory against FTW in the semis, our team got a solid advantage in the first map of the Bo3 and had to fight hard to also win the second one, as the game was decided in overtime's last round.

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K1ck hires in FIFA http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fifa/454-k1ck-hires-in-fifa http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fifa/454-k1ck-hires-in-fifa

After a great weekend where K1ck conquered two important FIFA19 competitions, we keep on working on our FIFA division's future as hard as ever, so we have hired an emerging young talent, Duarte Ferro. The player has already secured a spot at the Portuguese FIFA Championship Grand Final that will be disputed in June, being seed number 1 in Group B, one of the four groups at the final, each containing 8 players.

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K1ck Invited to FACEIT Apex Pro Series Closed Qualifier http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/apex/453-k1ck-in-faceit-apex-pro-series-closed-qualifier http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/apex/453-k1ck-in-faceit-apex-pro-series-closed-qualifier

FACEIT has announced the first ever officially licensed Apex Legends eSports tournament and K1ck has been invited to the closed qualifier that will grant 2 spots to the main event. Some of the biggest organisations in the world will be disputing this league that features a massive $50,000 total prize pool, composed by a series of $5,000 tournaments that will run over eight weeks. The remaining $10,000 of the prize pool will go to the highest scoring team across the entire event.

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Fantastic K1ck FIFA Weekend! http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fifa/452-fantastic-k1ck-fifa-weekend http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fifa/452-fantastic-k1ck-fifa-weekend

Sometimes there are good weekends but then again, sometimes there's a great weekend such as this last one, when it comes to the K1ck FIFA19 division. In fact, after  João "JOliveira10" Oliveira had conquered on saturday the FIFA19 Global Series Portuguese Tournament that took place in Madrid,  Diogo "somosnos" Brás goes and on sunday grabbed the Portuguese Cup, Taça de Portugal 2019 de FIFA19, playing at the mythical Jamor Stadium. Congratz are well deserved to both K1ck players!

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K1ck jumping into Rainbow Six http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/other-games/451-k1ck-jumping-into-rainbow-six-2 http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/other-games/451-k1ck-jumping-into-rainbow-six-2

Today we would like to announce a new K1ck team, this time for a new game in our Club: k1ck.r6. As many have already guessed, we are talking about Rainbow Six, the tactical shooter that has reached so much success around the world. R6 Leagues are popping up all over the place with well known teams engaging in fearsome battles, so this is the perfect timing to gather another handful of skilled players and do what we do best.

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K1ck Presents LoL Team http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/449-k1ck-presents-lol-team-2 http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/449-k1ck-presents-lol-team-2

Following the changed League of Legends investment policy and strategy regarding the Portuguese League (Lplol) that K1ck has implemented on January 2019, today we are pleased to present the new K1ck League of Legends team, packed with great skill. Some familiar names that we have faced competing for other teams throughout the years are on board, as well as some young talent that we have analyzed and recruited. So without further delay, here is the K1ck.lol team:


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Fortnite World Cup with $40 million http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fortnite/447-fortnite-world-cup-with-40-million http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fortnite/447-fortnite-world-cup-with-40-million

And when you think that some Esports limit has been reached, you get surprised by announcements such as this one: the Fortnite World Cup main event boasts a major $30 million prize pool and each week of the qualifiers will have $1 million up for grabs, totalling to an extra $10 million available. So it's 40M all around...

The K1ck.ftn players will be attending the qualifiers and on this first week, K1ck-raZguL and K1ck-Balazio already got through to today's final.

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K1ck Going into Apex Legends http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/apex/446-k1ck-going-into-apex-legends http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/apex/446-k1ck-going-into-apex-legends

Today is the day when we add a new game to our Club, an occasion that although rare, it is always something to be highlighted. We are talking about Apex Legends, the free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, that has reached so many gamers around the world, being a huge success. Our  k1ck.apex team will also be featuring the return of two former K1ck players from Call of Duty 4 and Overwatch to the Club. Check it out:

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