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One more step towards the start of a new league in the Portuguese Counter-Strike Global Offensive scenario was taken last night, featuring the 1st and 2nd divisions draw. K1ck was one of the names in the 1st division as an invited team and our opening opponent in this first LPCS edition is GTZ Bulls.

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K1ck-JOliveira in the eAllianz Cup Final http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fifa/435-k1ck-joliveira-in-the-eallianz-cup-final http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fifa/435-k1ck-joliveira-in-the-eallianz-cup-final

At the end of a tiresome day, the K1ck eSports FIFA19 player  JOliveira10 has reached the final of the eAllianz Cup tournament, a match where he will face Luca-nr1 and will be disputed in Braga on Saturday, during the football Allianz Cup Final Four, featuring FC Porto, Benfica, Sporting and Braga.

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K1ck Signs psh and Renews CS:GO Contracts http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/cs-go/430-k1ck-signs-psh-and-renews-cs-go-contracts http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/cs-go/430-k1ck-signs-psh-and-renews-cs-go-contracts

Today we would like to officially present the Counter-Strike Global Offensive player that lately has been attending the events with our k1ck.csgo team. In fact, K1ck has signed José "k1ck-psh" Alves for the upcoming season, a player that fits quite well into our formation, and at the same time, we have renewed our contracts with his teammates, helping in creating the necessary stability that every team needs.


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K1ck welcomes Florpad as Partner http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/14-brands/434-k1ck-welcomes-florpad-as-partner http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/14-brands/434-k1ck-welcomes-florpad-as-partner

After having some stylish K1ck mousepads and gaming chairs, our club has now some more branded stuff from Florpad, our newest partner. In fact it's a pad but it's a different kind of pad as it's not for you mouse but for your chair. Tired of hearing those wheels creaking noise when you move around? Here is the solution, the K1ck Florpad!

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K1ck Renews Contracts with Fortnite Team http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fortnite/433-k1ck-renews-contracts-with-fortnite-team http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/fortnite/433-k1ck-renews-contracts-with-fortnite-team

Another successful year has gone by here at K1ck eSports Club and after a well deserved but short vacation period, we are back at full speed and taking care of the issues that we will be facing in 2019. So for starters, we have renewed the contracts with our four k1ck.ftn players that have been doing so well, reaching the 49th position in the European Fortnite ranking and occupying 4 of the top 5 spots in the Portuguese Ranking at the moment.

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Presenting K1ck Gaming Office! http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/14-brands/432-presenting-k1ck-gaming-office-2 http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/14-brands/432-presenting-k1ck-gaming-office-2

After creating a K1ck Lanhouse in Seia, a K1ck Lounge in Cantanhede and two K1ck Gaming Houses in the past (one in A Guarda, Spain and one in Gaia, Portugal, a place where the League of Legends players lived for several months), we have now decided to go for a different concept and create a K1ck Gaming Office. The office is located in the center of Porto, Rua Sá da Bandeira to be more precise, and because it's part of a local shop, it will be opening to the public by appointment during working hours, whether you want to get a K1ck Jersey or simply take a look around.

Gathering most of our trophies (plus  the "wall of checks") and packed with powerful Lenovo quality computers, K1ck Alpha Gamer chairs and top notch Corsair gaming peripherals, this is the place to be for all K1ck players and the place to visit for all K1ck fans!

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K1ck 4 times in a row National LoL Champions! http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/429-k1ck-4-times-in-a-row-national-lol-champions http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/429-k1ck-4-times-in-a-row-national-lol-champions

One more League of Legends year and one more Portuguese National Championship title for K1ck, the 4th in a row! In fact our club has won all the 4 Liga Portuguesa de League of Legends (Lplol) editions and lifted the 4 cups that we will be presenting to the public quite soon. Three new champions have been crowned last night ( Eduardo "K1ck-Rafa" Vilela, João "K1ck-Joo" Pereira and Sergi "K1ck-Lvsyan" Madrigal Gomez, with the Spanish player being the first non-Portuguese champion), João "K1ck-AlternativeX" Parada reached the 2 titles achievement and Alexandre "K1ck-Truklax" Nascimento has written a new page in the Portuguese League of Legends history by being the only player with 4 National Championship titles in his bag!

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K1ck Transfers AlternativeX and Lechase http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/428-k1ck-transfers-alternativex-and-lechase http://www.k1ck.com/14/index.php/en/league-of-legends/428-k1ck-transfers-alternativex-and-lechase

Busy days around here at K1ck eSports Club with 4 of our teams going into action in the following days, plus the negotiations with  IDM Gaming / Uppercut esports, a brazilian esports club, for the transfer of João "AlternativeX" Parada and António "Lechase" Ramalho. Now that the agreement is concluded, and after transferring players to some countries in Europe, plus the United States, it's time for a debut in our Club: transferring players to Brazil. Good luck, guys!

(3rd National Championship Title for K1ck, Comic Con 2017)

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