The Infinite Desktops by MSI are truthfull to their name when it comes to the possibilities they offer. Built with the best gaming experience in mind, MSI again shows us why they are the very best at delivering top quality in a new product where both hardware and software work together to allow us to play at our very best.

For us fans of MSI, having elite components such as military grade hardware is nothing particularly new, but as always they have the ability to amaze us. Starting with design, MSI has improved on two very important concepts that make all the difference for us gamers: Portability and Sturdyness. On one hand the Infinite is easy to carry, which makes it perfect for LANs, while on the hand keeping the machine protected. But that is not all. The internal design and hardware layout has also been improved: The best graphics cards in the world are now placed vertically, improving their stability and with express steel slots they also have increased lifespan, protecting against eletromagnetic interference and overclocking, improving our gaming life.

Another aspect where MSI's design has made a huge difference is cooling: its unique seperate chamber concept delivers lower temperatures and lower system noise for an overrall quality of life improvement. Finally, the Infinite design allows us to be thrilled with another important aspect for gamers – upgradability. We always strive to be on par with the advancements in technology and MSI's ability to always think like a gamer has taken this into account. Upgrades or expansions are simples due to the internal design of the Infinite Desktop, where hardware is easy to access, proving that MSI's work is unparalled when achieving the best performance whilst looking great!

Moving from design to more technical features, MSI delivers again on their promiss to build elite machines and this time with two more unique MSI features: The DDR4 Boost delivers the best memory signal purity, allowing us to play without being concerned with games crashing. The new 3rd Gen SDD is also present in this build and is four times faster than the competition, going from 0 to 100 in mere seconds. As far as sound is concerned, Audio Booster guarantees true Hi-Fi sound on the Infinite, providing us with a true advantage in our games.

With 3D becoming increasingly important, MSI didn't want infinity to be one step away from the Infinite Desktop. The Nahimic VR is a true immersive 3D experience from both a visual and audio standpoint, adopted by the French Army for their training simulations. MSI also made it super easy to connect our VR headset by implementing the VR Link and the 'One-Click-to-VR' software which combined create the ultimate 3D experience with automated optimal VR settings. To top it off, MSI brings us some quality of life features with their software: A command center that allows us to get the most out of our motherboard and the new Dragon Eye 2.0. The Dragon Eye 2.0 makes ALT+TAB look obsolete, allowing gamers to enjoy a stream or another video while playing their favourite games.

LPLOL S3 Split #2

Played Points
1 K1ck.lol 7 21
2 FTW.lol 7 14
3 Doxa Gaming 7 12
4 EGN Pro.lol 7 9
5 Why eSports.lol 7 9
6 XD Omen by HP 7 8
7 Exceed 9K eSports 7 4
8 Boavista FC 7 1

LPGO Season 1

Played Points
1 Alientech.csgo 7 21
2 k1ck.csgo 7 11
3 Hexagone.cubo 7 11
4 Defs 7 9
5 Hexagone.csgo 7 9
6 Panthers 7 7
7 FTW.csgo 7 5
8 Eyeshield 7 2


Played Points
1 k1ck.csgo 3 9
2 Grow uP.csgo 3 6
3 Voltaic Gaming 3 3
4 Alientech.csgo 0 0
5 Panthers 0 0
6 Exec 0 0
7 Stars Gaming 3 0

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Doxa Gaming   FTW.lol
14 : 16
k1ck.csgo   Galatics.csgo
3 : 16
k1ck.csgo   gBots
3 : 2
K1ck.lol   FTW.lol
0 : 2
k1ck.csgo   Hexagone.csgo
10 : 16
k1ck.csgo   Alientech.csgo
16 : 7
k1ck.csgo   Hexagone.cubo

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