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Another FNCS Season is underway and after 5 weeks of quite intense worldwide competition, two K1ck Fortnite players made it to the finals, securing a place among the best European trios, distributed by 4 heats of 33 teams each. In fact, Marco "K1ck-Mikes" Ferreira and João "K1ck-MOSh" Gonçalves made it all the way to the finals and will now be fighting for a significant share of the $10M USD total prize pool.

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And when you think that some Esports limit has been reached, you get surprised by announcements such as this one: the Fortnite World Cup main event boasts a major $30 million prize pool and each week of the qualifiers will have $1 million up for grabs, totalling to an extra $10 million available. So it's 40M all around...

The K1ck.ftn players will be attending the qualifiers and on this first week, K1ck-raZguL and K1ck-Balazio already got through to today's final.

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Another successful year has gone by here at K1ck eSports Club and after a well deserved but short vacation period, we are back at full speed and taking care of the issues that we will be facing in 2019. So for starters, we have renewed the contracts with our four k1ck.ftn players that have been doing so well, reaching the 49th position in the European Fortnite ranking and occupying 4 of the top 5 spots in the Portuguese Ranking at the moment.

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Another Fortnite big tournament will be starting tomorrow in the city of  Sevilla and after the great result that Eduardo "K1ck-raZguL" Pinheiro has achieved in the Winter Royale a few days ago, we couldn't obviously miss this Dreamcup 2018. So all of our four K1ck.ftn players are currently travelling to Andalucía in order to attend the Dreamhack Sevilla 2018 Fortnite Duos tournament.

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Although the high intensity battles from the Fall Skirmish have come to an end, the next phase of Fortnite competitive play was announced: the Winter Royale Online Tournament, packing a $1,000,000 prize-money to be divided in equal parts between the NA and EU competitions. So already securing a cut of the $500,000 in dispute and being the only player representing Portugal in the Grand Finals,  Eduardo "K1ck-raZguL" Pinheiro will once again rejoin the Fortnite fields today for the big event, from 5pm to 9pm GMT.

(yesterday's semi final results)

** Update **

A great exhibition from Eduardo "K1ck-raZguL" Pinheiro throughout the 6 maps led the K1ck player into the top 10 in Europe (9th place) at the Fortnite Winter Royale! Well played!

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There's a new league that is a month long series of games, setting out to determine the most skilled teams in different setups. So the K1ck.ftn players have joined the FN Pro League with a duo since its very start and later on, another K1ck duo jumped on board. In fact, K1ck-johnnydoe and K1ck-raZguL are doing fine in the FN EU Player League (duo) occupying the 8th position at the moment, after being 2nd for a while.

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This weekend a K1ck Fortnite duo composed by  k1ck-MendaBEAST and k1ck-raZguL has reached the Premier Online Gaming finals, being the only team to represent Portugal in this competition that gathered 41 of the top teams in Europe. After a hard qualification process, the K1ck duo was in the middle of the pack at the end of the day, a quite respectable final placement in the first quality tournament that they have attended under our colors.

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In less than a year, Fortnite has grown to 125 million players and some weeks ago it was announced that Epic will be providing $100,000,000 to fund prize pools for Fortnite competitions during the 2018-2019 season. Based on these numbers and because the game seems to be quite promising, here in K1ck we took the decision to create a k1ck.ftn team, sharing the same goals as all the other teams in the Club: be strong and competitive.

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EU Masters Summer 2020

Group A

Played Points
1 6 12
2 6 12
3 Schalke 04 6 6
4 Samsung Morning Stars 6 6

EU Masters Spring 2020

Group C

Played Points
1 Movistar 8 18
2 7 12
3 Schalke 04 7 12
4 Team Singularity 6 0

EU Masters Spring Play-In

Group D

Played Points
1 6 15
2 Sector One 6 12
3 WL Gaming 6 9

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