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The Tier 1 Apex Legends Preseason Invitational tournament is coming closer, so here in K1ck Esports we are getting ready for the trip to Krakow, Poland, next Thursday. The 80 invited teams from all around the world have been distributed by four groups, with K1ck inserted in Group D along with quite famous Esports names, such as Echo Fox, Fnatic EU, Misfits, T1, Team Liquid Blue, TSM and Virtus.pro, just to name a few.

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The other groups are also very competitive with many famous organizations as well, since nobody wants to miss out on this really worldwide talented competition that has a $500,000 USD prize purse. According to the schedule, K1ck will start the competition on Friday, at around 4 P.M. local time, so be sure to watch our games and root for the following players:




nightyz Rui K1ck-nightyz Silva Rui Silva
Cybe8 Giulio K1ck-Cybe8 Bavaresco Giulio Bavaresco
Matrixx Iljas K1ck-Matrixx Amagow Iljas Amagow


You can check all of the groups right here but in the meantime, here is Group D:

The United States is the most represented nation at the event with 60 players while others only have 1, in a competition that gathers players from 32 countries distributed by different continents. Massive!

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Niuscup R6S S#2

Played Points
1 BP Esports 10 27
2 K1ck.r6s 10 23
3 GTZ Bulls.r6s 10 19
4 Oro Esports 10 14
5 FTW.r6s 10 12
6 Sacavenense 10 10
7 5Guys 10 9
8 Team N0de 10 2

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