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** UPDATE **

Here is the video regarding this Unreal Tournament September Community Event, featuring k1ck-hypno along with some great players from the UT community.

4th September

So that was a long journey... After 8 hours from  Lisbon airport to Philadelphia airport and then still had a transfer flight to Raleigh, I'm finally in the hotel, completely jetlagged but so excited about the upcoming event. At dinner I met up with some developers from Epic and Henrik , an artist from Sweden. After that we just went to sleep because we were so tired from the flight.
5th September

K1ck Hypno Unreal Tournament Epic Games

So even though everyone hasn't arrived yet, we actually went on to Epic Office and had a small tour around the building, since the big tour is going to be today (6th of September), but in the meantime I got to play in the UT war room, met basically everyone that is developing Unreal Tournament at the moment and some other people from other Epic Games departments. The building scale is way bigger than I thought, a totally different reality. Everyone was so kind and so far it has been one of the most pleasurable experiences in my gaming career.

After some playtesting and discussions with Steve Polge and Jim Brown from Epic about the upcoming UT gameplay, we all went to dinner where we met up with Carmac from ESL, xios UT2K4 CTF top player, m3ss from the prounreal community and UT99 player and many many others. It was cool to especially see Carmac after so many years, as the last event we met was at ESWC2005 for UT2K4. After dinner I had some beers with xios, m3ss and TimEh and got to drink something called irish car bomb... yeah well never really heard of that, and thought it would be stronger than what it actually was, but overall it was a good experience :)
6th September
Just woke up, it's basically 8 am here, I'm still kind of jetlagged but well, what can you do, gonna eat breakfast with the guys now and after I will meet Flak (Epic Community Manager), so we can actually get going on some playtesting! It's gonna be a lot of fun, be sure to tune in at
By the way I just created my twitter and instagram accounts, feel free to follow!
I will keep them updated live from Epic Games headquarters! See you soon!

(More photos in K1ck Facebook's Page)

Unreal Tournament K1ck Hypno Epic Games

6th of September (cont.)

So yeah, after we had this huge tour through Epic game headquarters, watching awesome posters from past games and even checking out the first copies of Jazz Jackrabbit, we went into the playtest lab where we actually played some FFA, TDM and CTF. We played a lot during the day and we had some breaks to gather around round tables and actually talk about what was going wrong or right in the current build UT. It was awesome too see so many knowledgeable people perspectives and how they could actually contribute in their own view.

Going through ESL Carmacs perspective about how UT shoud be created regarding a spectator sport, the experience this sir has is enormous and for sure to run Intel Extreme Masters it needs to be really on point. I also contributed a lot regarding my duel experience on all UT games and I truly think I have a peculiar view on how UT should be but I also try to never be biased about it, not only thinking about competitive balance. After all UT should be fun and should be especially fun for the casual gamers, not the small elite that is older and won't really bring new blood.

We did some little competitions, first one was TDM, basically some qualifiers through a FFA, so the top4 of Community members and Developers would meet in a TDM 4v4 match. Fortunately I managed to top score and I won some really cool prizes!

Then we went into CTF which I skipped this time because Carmac tempted me with a UT99 match, which we later played... and boy I'm really surprised about his skills as he hasn't played it for long and was a hard bastard to beat!

So yeah, after the playtest we all had dinner and headed to the hotel when we later met with the TWD from We actually had a podcast recorded and it should be online really soon, I will post links when its on.

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