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Following the news that we wrote in July regarding FIFA overall, K1ck is now revealing the first step towards a stronger presence in the upcoming FIFA18 community. In fact we have signed the Liga NOS 2017 champion, the several times ESWC Portugal competition champion, FPF eSports Supertaça Allianz winner and Allianz Challenge finalist, just to make it short, Diogo "somosnos" Brás.

Diogo "somosnos" Brás with the Liga Nos trophy where he played with FC Porto

The player's awards list goes on and on, so we are quite happy to have another eSports Champion among our ranks in yet another game that has meant so much for us in the past. Teaming up with our resident player Rafa "Gomez" Gomes, they will be making a strong duo, hard to beat in any competition.

Diogo "somosnos" Brás wrote the usual short statement for the occasion: "I am very happy for this opportunity and I will give the best of me to dignify this house that has some much history all around and in the Portuguese eSports."

This is obviously a great news and the first of many to come regarding FIFA, as we are only at the beginning of what we expect to be a great season.

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Master League Portugal S3

Played Points
1 Giants.csgo 7 39
2 Offset 7 36
3 k1ck.csgo 7 22
4 GTZ Bulls 7 21
5 FTW.csgo 7 14
6 XF Iberia 7 14
7 EGN.csgo 7 13
8 Grow uP.csgo 7 10

ESEA Advanced S#31

Played Points
1 k1ck.csgo 7 6
3 STEP 1 3
4 nerdRage 1 3
5 Wisla Plock 1 3
6 Codewise Unicorns 1 3
7 Ex-Fragsters 1 0
8 Gloria Mundi 1 0

NiusCUP Rainbow 6 Siege

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1 K1ck.r6 3 7
2 1Grama 3 6
3 Oro Esports 2 4
4 FTW.r6 3 4
5 LionZ eSports 2 2
6 Team Claw 2 1
7 5Guys 1 0
8 Team N0de 2 0

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