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Another season is starting in the virtual football world and the K1ck players are already signed up for the first FIFA20 event, a competition that will take place in Porto, Fábrica Nortada and will give away 2 Playstations as prize for the winner of each of the two tournaments. Today at 17h30, Diogo "k1ck-somosnos" Brás and Duarte "k1ck-Duarte" Ferro will do the honours and later on at 21h30, it's time for João "k1ck-JOliveira10" Oliveira to show his skill.

Each tournament will be featuring 32 players in a single elimination bracket and if the two K1ck players attending the first one win their respective games, they will be facing each other at the semis, as you can see in the official bracket.

João Oliveira is also on the top half but on the second tournament, so if want to see all these players performing, come to Fábrica Nortada on Rua de Sá da Bandeira and follow the games live, drink a beer and have a good time!

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Niuscup R6S S#2

Played Points
1 BP Esports 10 27
2 K1ck.r6s 10 23
3 GTZ Bulls.r6s 10 19
4 Oro Esports 10 14
5 FTW.r6s 10 12
6 Sacavenense 10 10
7 5Guys 10 9
8 Team N0de 10 2

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