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This weekend a K1ck Fortnite duo composed by  k1ck-MendaBEAST and k1ck-raZguL has reached the Premier Online Gaming finals, being the only team to represent Portugal in this competition that gathered 41 of the top teams in Europe. After a hard qualification process, the K1ck duo was in the middle of the pack at the end of the day, a quite respectable final placement in the first quality tournament that they have attended under our colors.

Achieving 96 points after 5 intensive games, k1ck-MendaBEAST and k1ck-raZguL finished 24th, ahead of teams such as Kinguin and missing the chance to climb even higher after a game where they haven't scored any points.

All in all, the two games that the K1ck duo finished in the top 10 and some great exhibitions made it a good tournament to follow. Wp!

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2 AGO Rogue 0 0
3 AVEZ Esport 0 0
4 devils.one 0 0
5 Diablo Chairs 0 0
6 Illuminar Gaming 0 0
7 piratesports 0 0
8 PRIDE.lol 0 0

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