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There's a new league that is a month long series of games, setting out to determine the most skilled teams in different setups. So the K1ck.ftn players have joined the FN Pro League with a duo since its very start and later on, another K1ck duo jumped on board. In fact, K1ck-johnnydoe and K1ck-raZguL are doing fine in the FN EU Player League (duo) occupying the 8th position at the moment, after being 2nd for a while.

The goal of this league is to progress through Intermediate to reach the Champs Division where they cycle out talent to determine the best team overall. The top teams will have the chance to play within the FN Pro League Discord with other known pro organizations, such as Liquid, FaZe, TSM, and more.

There are three divisions to the player league: Open, Intermediate, and Champs. Pro is a seperate league.

    * Open - Every player starts here. At the end of every season, the top 25 are moved into the Intermediate Division.
    * Intermediate - Consists of 100 teams. The top 25 are moved into the Champs Division while the bottom 25 get moved into the Open Division.
    * Champs - Consists of 50 teams. The top 3 teams will be considered to move into Pro while the bottom 25 get moved into the Intermediate Division.
    * Pro - Ran on the FN Pro League Discord. This contains organizations such as FaZe, TSM, Liquid, Content Creators, and the most talented players.

Here is the League Schedule:
Duo League: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

    Open Division - 7:00PM EST/BST
    Intermediate Division - 7:10PM EST/BST
    Champs Division - 7:20PM EST/BST

Don't miss out on yet another important Fortnite competition that the players in our K1ck.ftn division are attending, once again with interesting results!

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Ultraliga S3 Split #1

Played Points
1 K1ck.lol 0 0
2 AGO Rogue 0 0
3 AVEZ Esport 0 0
4 devils.one 0 0
5 Diablo Chairs 0 0
6 Illuminar Gaming 0 0
7 piratesports 0 0
8 PRIDE.lol 0 0

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