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Although the high intensity battles from the Fall Skirmish have come to an end, the next phase of Fortnite competitive play was announced: the Winter Royale Online Tournament, packing a $1,000,000 prize-money to be divided in equal parts between the NA and EU competitions. So already securing a cut of the $500,000 in dispute and being the only player representing Portugal in the Grand Finals,  Eduardo "K1ck-raZguL" Pinheiro will once again rejoin the Fortnite fields today for the big event, from 5pm to 9pm GMT.

(yesterday's semi final results)

** Update **

A great exhibition from Eduardo "K1ck-raZguL" Pinheiro throughout the 6 maps led the K1ck player into the top 10 in Europe (9th place) at the Fortnite Winter Royale! Well played!

** End of Update **

raZguL went through the qualifying stage and yesterday entered the semis heat 2 with the need to finish in the top 50 among 100 players. After conquering 1 point by finishing 8th in the third game, which wouldn't be enough to get access to the Grand Finals, the player finished 10th in the fourth game and got another point plus the desired qualification, putting his name on the top 100 European Fortnite players list.

Everyone in this list will be receiving a part of the prize-money that will be distributed in the following way:

So don't miss out on today's action and root once again for the K1ck player, starting at 5pm GMT on https://www.twitch.tv/fortnite!

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