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As we have referred in a previous article, the beginning of the year is always a period when things run a little slow in the eSports world. Well, not here, at least in the background, as we have been prepairing something that we are sure will please this news readers. After launching our current and beloved website in 2009, K1ck eSports Club is now presenting a new website by the codename kv14, a responsive website that it was about time to see the light of day in this fast changing world, having taken under consideration the mobile aspects among others such as the competition's management, in order to please our audience.

And because we know your time is precious, your previous login in the 2009 site is still valid in this new one. But that is not all, as we have laid the first stone in the foundation of our own K1ck Academy and as of today, the pre-registrations are open for all of you that ever wondered how you could improve your game and learn from the professionals, besides belonging to a team and getting to know a little better, this time from the inside, how the K1ck World is.

** UPDATE ** Due to the over 500 pre-registrations that we have received in less than a day, we will close this stage on Saturday the 22nd at 23h00, so if you register after that date, we will only analyse it later on, when we open another registration stage. Thank you all for rushing in and making a gratifying experience out of this.


K1ck Website

We are starting the K1ck Academy with Counter-Strike Global Offensive and League of Legends gamers, but soon more can follow. And as always when it comes to K1ck, this won't be just another academy has we see many out there, but it will be competitive, ambitious, plus looking forward to reward the ones that work hard in order to climb up the ladder and improve their gaming. We will have several levels of expertise, starting with the most basic k9ck teams and going all the way up to the k2ck teams. If you are in a k4ck team, you should be happy with yourself, as you are better than the average player, but the goal of our gamers is to reach the k2ck level where anything can happen: receive stuff from our sponsors, have some expenses paid and, who knows, play for the K1ck team once in a while, or even get recruited for the main team, if you are that good. The gamers will be distributed into these levels once they are accepted in our K1ck Academy, being monitored and followed by our academy staff.

 K1ck CS:GO Academy

 Merit-based and skill-based promotions will then occur, team captains will be chosen and you are set to go. Once you reach a good level, you will have the possibility of entering online competitions representing your team (k6ck, k5ck, k4ck or wherever you are at the moment), always respecting our internal code and rules of behavior. But besides the hard work to improve your gaming skills and learn how to be a better gamer, we will also have fun in our own academy tournaments and friendly matches, in some relaxing moments that everybody treasures. Our qualified staff will teach you the best gaming tricks and once in a while you will get tips from the pros and the possibility to ask them questions that you always wanted to know the answer to, but never could find out. And on top of this, we have already established partnerships with other international academies so we can share our knowledge and perform some academy fights every now and then.


K1ck LoL Academy

So what are you waiting for? Fill in our pre-registration form for the game you love (CS:GO or League of Legends) and if you are accepted, once we launch it, join our Team Speak server where you will be able to look up at players such as  k1ck-fox for instance, practicing hard to keep the title of being one of the best AWP in the world. And all of this for free!


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Played Points
1 BP Esports 14 36
2 K1ck.r6s 14 32
3 GTZ Bulls.r6s 14 29
4 FTW.r6s 14 25
5 Sacavenense 13 16
6 5Guys 13 13
7 Team N0de 14 10
8 Oro Esports 14 0

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