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Today we would like to announce the return of another player to our club, this time in League of Legends. In fact, our long time captain  Alexandre "Truklax" Nascimento is once again playing under the K1ck colors, walking up and down that Summoner's Rift top lane with the K1ck tag.

K1ck Truklax

The player wrote down a few words for the occasion: "I am proud to once again be representing this organization. As I said when I left, the possibility of coming back was high and now it's real, this time with a different team. As long as I'll be here, I will put in my best effort to win everything. I am happy with my teammates and I hope that we can accomplish our goals. #GOK1CK"

Besides being a great news for our club, it's a pleasure to welcome back one of the most charismatic players in our long history.

4Gamers CS:GO

Group 1

Played Points
1 k1ck.csgo 3 9
2 exotic.csgo 3 6
3 EGN Pro.csgo 3 3
4 FTW.G2A 3 0


Played Points
1 k1ck.csgo 3 9
2 Grow uP.csgo 3 6
3 Voltaic Gaming 3 3
4 Alientech.csgo 0 0
5 Panthers 0 0
6 Exec 0 0
7 Stars Gaming 3 0

Asus Aura Sync

Played Points
1 k1ck.csgo 3 9
2 Galatics 3 6
3 exotic.csgo 3 3
4 EGN Pro.lol 0 0
5 Alientech.csgo 0 0
6 FTW.G2A 0 0
7 FTW.csgo 3 0

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