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Today is the kick off of the Liga Portuguesa de League of Legends (Lplol), 3rd edition. The k1ck.lol team won the only two editions so far and tonight at 21h00 GMT the team will be disputing live at Forum Picoas in Lisbon, the very first match of what we all hope to be a good split.

As usual eight teams will be fighting for glory week after week and the best four will go to the playoffs. Also as susual, you can get all the info regarding this league in our tournament management system. Here is the k1ck.lol lineup that will be participing in Lplol first split:


K1ck LoL  
AlternativeX João 'K1ck-AlternativeX' Parada João Parada
Slayer Nuno 'K1ck-Slayer' Moutinho Nuno Moutinho
Aziado Tiago 'K1ck-Aziado' Rodrigues Tiago Rodrigues
Reat1vo Oleg 'K1ck-Reat1vo' Ralchenko Oleg Ralchenko
Truklax Alexandre 'K1ck-Truklax' Nascimento Alexandre Nascimento


For sure you won't be missing our debut tonight in an exciting k1ck vs For the Win match.

4Gamers CS:GO

Group 1

Played Points
1 k1ck.csgo 3 9
2 exotic.csgo 3 6
3 EGN Pro.csgo 3 3
4 FTW.G2A 3 0


Played Points
1 k1ck.csgo 3 9
2 Grow uP.csgo 3 6
3 Voltaic Gaming 3 3
4 Alientech.csgo 0 0
5 Panthers 0 0
6 Exec 0 0
7 Stars Gaming 3 0

Asus Aura Sync

Played Points
1 k1ck.csgo 3 9
2 Galatics 3 6
3 exotic.csgo 3 3
4 EGN Pro.lol 0 0
5 Alientech.csgo 0 0
6 FTW.G2A 0 0
7 FTW.csgo 3 0

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