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Following the 2017 example when we have created the first K1ck Gaming House and took Portuguese players to live in Spain for some months, now is the time to share with the public what we have announced back in the beginning of the year, that is, the creation of the first Gaming House in Portugal with all the respective logistics aspects. In fact, we have equipped a penthouse located right in Gaia's center, on the 7th and last floor, really close to the Câmara Municipal, where's players and coach are permanently living in since March and where we have discreetly prepared the final assault on Lplol split 1 final that they have so brilliantly conquered.

Featuring three bedrooms, a living room with a bar, a kitchen with central isle, fireplace, three bathrooms and all the necessary furniture and technology that one needs or wants in any home (central heating, oven, cooking hot plates, microwave, washing and dish washing machines, vacuum cleaners, coffee machine, beds, closets, tableware and all the rest), as well as the necessary technology so that the players can be comfortably installed in their home, worrying only about getting the focus in playing League of Legends (1 Gb internet, computers, routers, switches, displays, TVs, projector and other devices), we have also assured the required services and logistic needed on a day to day basis, such as a cleaning lady, a cook and a balanced diet for the team.

Soon you will be able to watch some videos and interviews concerning the new K1ck Gaming House, not all produced by us, as different media agents have paid us a visit in order to create their own content about this subject. Nevertheless we wanted to unveil today some of our exciting news regarding this heavy investment that K1ck has been doing in Portugal, but with a clear goal of getting closer to the top by European standards. After the 18 days bootcamp in Lithuania that helped so much in conquering another competition and booking a place in the European Masters, this is another great and important step towards our future.

To those that aren't quite familiarized with the Gaming House term in the eSports world and because it seems that the less enlightened ones are mixing up some concepts, a Gaming House is not a Lan House, not a Gaming Office (check this good article regarding the differences between a GH and a GO), not a place where some occasional bootcamps can be done and is surely not a time-sharing, as we can understand from this wikipedia example, "A gaming house is a co-operative living arrangement where several players of video games, usually professional eSports players, live in the same residences", therefore being the professional team the first in our country to benefit from yet another innovative and groundbreaking K1ck initiative in Portugal, as it had happened back in 2017 in the northern region of Spain, La Guarda, Baixo Miño to be exact.

Throughout the ages, there were several structures supporting eSports such as the house with a few rooms with beds that was adapted into some sort of bootcamp-house around 2009/2010, with the owner renting the space for occasional bootcamps. As long as the teams wanted to pay the respective fee, it was possible to spend some days at the location, practicing for events to come. And back in 2005 the very own K1ck presented their Lan House, the first in Portugal belonging to a team/association, situated in the city of Seia, a structure that helped in supporting our Counter-Strike 1.6 team that in 2007 hired a player by the name Ricardo "fox" Pacheco and the rest we all know how it went on :)

K1ck Lan House in Seia, 2005

In 2016 it was time for the K1ck Lounge in Cantanhede, the first K1ck incursion in the sports world by creating a Billiards section that used the lounge for practice, with one of its athletes reaching the semi final of the National Snooker Championship. It was there that we have recorded some reviews for our sponsors, played some pool and had great moments with the Billiards players as well as with our League of Legends gamers and staff.

K1ck Lounge in Cantanhede, 2016. Video in

João "k1ck-AlternativeX" Parada and Tiago "k1ck-Aziado" Rodrigues are the only two players in the team that lived that first K1ck Gaming House experience in our neighbor's country, now having the "forever" K1ck players Alexandre "k1ck-Truklax" Nascimento, António "k1ck-Lechase" Ramalho and Ruben "k1ck-Rhuckz" Neves as teammates plus Miguel "k1ck-Fearless" Santos in a new coach role, all aboard this new adventure that last month led them into leaving their respective houses and changing their permanent residence to Gaia.

K1ck Gaming House in La Guarda, 2017

So it's right from the heart of their new home that the players will be representing Portugal the best way they can in Riot's European Masters, a new competition that will somehow be replacing the former Challenger Series, with a second edition right in September that will be filled in by the regional/national leagues teams, according to the results of those teams in this edition, thus being quite important that K1ck can unblock more spots for Portugal by running a good series now, increasing to at least two, the number of teams representing Portugal in the competition.

K1ck Gaming House 2018, Gaia

So we count on your support in yet another international K1ck presence in a great event, hoping to achieve our goals and at the same time help in highlighting our country among the eSports community by opening doors, in this particular case concerning League of Legends, the game that we all know is quite well reppresented in this new world that the electronic sports are building all across the planet.



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