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Now that the K1ck League of Legends team will be participating in several competitions at the same time, hired two new players for different roles. In fact, Eduardo "Rafa" Vilela has already played for us as jungler in the Eurogamer qualifier, conquering seed number #1 with victories in all matches and we will be debuting Sergi "Lvsyan" Madrigal Gomez in the mid lane.

These are two well known players in the community that carry an huge amount of experience from competitions such as LVP's SLO and EU Masters, among others, so we are all expecting good performances at the many events in near future, namely:

- Eurogamer Porto 2018

- Iberian Cup

- Lplol 4th Edition 3rd Split

- Lplol 4th Edition Grand Final


Eduardo "Rafa" Vilela wrote a few words for the occasion, "I am quite excited to compete in Portugal for the first time. I have wonderful teammates and one of them, Lvsyan, has already played with me several times, so doing it once more is another motive for beinq happy about it! I am sure that the whole team will do its best to win the Cup and everything else in Portugal", as well as Sergi "Lvsyan" Gomez: "I am very happy to be able to play for K1ck, having a team that I know well and Rafa, a teammate that has played with me many times before. We are sure that the team will focus 100% into winning everything that lies ahead of us".

So the lineup that you can expect from in the next saturday at the Eurogamer event is:

Truklax (Top Laner) Alexandre K1ck-Truklax Nascimento Alexandre Nascimento
Rafa (Jungler) Eduardo K1ck-Rafa Vilela Eduardo Vilela
Lvsyan (Mid Laner) Sergi 'K1ck-Lvsyan' Gomez Sergi Madrigal Gomez
AlternativeX (ADC) João 'K1ck-AlternativeX' Parada João Parada
Joo (Support) João K1ck-Joo Pereira João Pereira


Don't miss the opportunity to watch these players performing live, October the 13th, at the Exponor venue.


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1 BP Esports 14 36
2 K1ck.r6s 14 32
3 GTZ Bulls.r6s 14 29
4 FTW.r6s 14 25
5 Sacavenense 13 16
6 5Guys 13 13
7 Team N0de 14 10
8 Oro Esports 14 0

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