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One more League of Legends year and one more Portuguese National Championship title for K1ck, the 4th in a row! In fact our club has won all the 4 Liga Portuguesa de League of Legends (Lplol) editions and lifted the 4 cups that we will be presenting to the public quite soon. Three new champions have been crowned last night ( Eduardo "K1ck-Rafa" Vilela, João "K1ck-Joo" Pereira and Sergi "K1ck-Lvsyan" Madrigal Gomez, with the Spanish player being the first non-Portuguese champion), João "K1ck-AlternativeX" Parada reached the 2 titles achievement and Alexandre "K1ck-Truklax" Nascimento has written a new page in the Portuguese League of Legends history by being the only player with 4 National Championship titles in his bag!

So we have been creating new League of Legends National Champions throughout the years, giving a valid contribution to the players' careers and helping them on their search for the best working conditions, such as playing in LCS and other great competitions all around the globe. Here is a list of the players that have attended Lplol Championship finals representing K1ck, thus becoming Portuguese Champions:


Name  Titles 
  Alexandre "K1ck-Truklax" Nascimento 4 x x x x
  Ruben "K1ck-Rhuckz" Barbosa 3 x x x  
  António "K1ck-LeChase" Ramalho 3 x x x  
  João "K1ck-AlternativeX" Parada 2     x x
  Francisco "K1ck-Xico" Antunes 2 x x    
  Pedro "K1ck-Kepe" Ferreira 1 x      
  Amadeu "K1ck-minitroupax" Carvalho 1   x    
  João "K1ck-joaos92" Soares 1   x    
  Tiago "K1ck-Aziado" Rodrigues 1     x  
  Eduardo "K1ck-Rafa" Vilela 1       x
  João "K1ck-Joo" Pereira 1       x
  Sergi "K1ck-Lvsyan" Madrigal Gomez 1       x


These are our 12 heroes that have helped in writting another great page in our long K1ck history: the League of Legends "TETRACAMPEONATO"!

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Niuscup R6S S#2

Played Points
1 BP Esports 10 27
2 K1ck.r6s 10 23
3 GTZ Bulls.r6s 10 19
4 Oro Esports 10 14
5 FTW.r6s 10 12
6 Sacavenense 10 10
7 5Guys 10 9
8 Team N0de 10 2

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