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A new Liga Portuguesa de League of Legends season is starting and our Club already scored the first victory on our debut last night, but this 5th season has some changes, namely the number of rounds and changing the bo2 matches into bo1 format, so no more draws. K1ck has won the previous 4 editions and after some changes in the roster, we are ready for one more year packed with great League of Legends action!

The only four times in a row Portuguese Champion Alexandre "Truklax" Nascimento is still holding the fort along with João "Joo" Pereira, both remaining from the team that won 2018's finals. We also have a comeback as António "Fintinhas" Lisboa is once again our coach and then we have new talent coming our way, completing a well balanced roster that has large experience and new blood, now with the following line-up:


Truklax (Top Laner) Alexandre K1ck-Truklax Nascimento Alexandre Nascimento
InKos (Jungler) Kevin K1ck-InKos Alpire Kevin Alpire
Sinistro (Mid Laner) Fábio K1ck-Sinistro Cuco Fábio Cuco
Worst (ADC) Rúben K1ck-Worst Correia Rúben Correia
Joo (Support) João K1ck-Joo Pereira João Pereira


Today we have our second League match at 21h00 UTC so be sure to keep watching our games, getting to know more about the new players we have on board.

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Niuscup R6S S#2

Played Points
1 BP Esports 14 36
2 K1ck.r6s 14 32
3 GTZ Bulls.r6s 14 29
4 FTW.r6s 14 25
5 Sacavenense 13 16
6 5Guys 13 13
7 Team N0de 14 10
8 Oro Esports 14 0

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