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After some recent changes in the roster, we would like to present our newly added player. Frederik "FreddyB" Bohé has been number 1 Legend for 5 consecutive days last season and most recently won one of the most prestigious online Hearthstone tournaments in Denmark with many big players.  After some great results, FreddyB has proven himself and has become one of the most well known players in the Danish Hearthstone scene.

Hearthstone Logitech FreddyB


Here’s a short interview with FreddyB:


K1ck - Tell us a bit about yourself and your gaming career.

FreddyB - My name is Frederik "FreddyB" Bohé and im from Denmark just like the team captain Tessin. I have been playing Hearthstone for one and a half year and reached legend in 10 seasons. Last season I managed to take Legend 1 and hold it for five days. Most recently, I have won a Danish invitational tournament against the top players from Denmark. For example, I beat names like Crane333 and Hoej. Besides Hearthstone I have been an elite bike rider the most of my life, but a kidney failure has kind of stopped my plans of becoming a pro. Therefore, I am really focused on being the very best of Hearthstone.


K - How do you feel about joining team K1ck eSports?

F - I’m really excited about joining K1ck. It’s my first team and I’m looking forward to a great cooperation with the management and especially the other players.


Hearthstone Logitech FreddyB 

K - What is your strengths in Hearthstone?

F - I’m most of all a good mid-range player. I know when to go for board control and when to go for an all-in play for face. That’s what makes me a very good druid player and it is my favorite class as well as the class I hit Legend 1 with. Even though I have few favorite classes, I’m still a very versatile player and I enjoy learning new decks.


K - How do you think that joining K1ck eSports will affect your future as a Hearthstone player?

F -Joining K1ck is a huge step towards being a well-known player. I have already started becoming a sort of famous Hearthstone player in Denmark, but I want my name to go worldwide. K1ck allows me to talk and train with other great players, while K1ck eSports as a brand might be exactly what I need to become a more famous streamer.


K - Is there anything else you want to add?

F -I want to thank Tessin especially for trying me out on the team only based on my Legend 1 appearance. I’m glad he had some faith in me and I think that by winning the invitational tournament I proved that I belong to the top of Hearthstone and this spot on the K1ck roster is well earned.


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Niuscup R6S S#2

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1 BP Esports 8 21
2 K1ck.r6s 8 17
3 GTZ Bulls.r6s 8 13
4 FTW.r6s 8 12
5 Oro Esports 8 11
6 Sacavenense 8 10
7 5Guys 8 6
8 Team N0de 8 2

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1 eMonkeyz 3 6
2 G2 Heretics.lol 3 6
3 K1ck.lol 3 3
4 Arctic.lol 3 3

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1 FTW.lol 3 6
2 S2V Esports 3 6
3 Movistar Riders.lol 3 3
4 Giants Academy 3 3

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1 Giants.lol 3 9
2 Team Queso.lol 3 6
3 x6tence.lol 3 3
4 EGN.lol 3 0

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1 Mad Lions 3 9
2 Origen BCN 3 6
3 Penguins.lol 3 3
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