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Right on the day that account flagging for the Overwatch Closed Beta is currently in progress, we would like to announce our brand new  K1ck.ow division and team. This is also the return of former K1ck.dods members Michael "michr" Rosen, Jorge "kalinka" Rodriguez-Ortega and Antonio "WvR" Valencia to K1ck, a group of players that were number 1 in Europe for several weeks back in 2008. Along with these familiar faces, come more players from different countries that together create a team packed with great skill.

So here is the K1ck.ow roster:

Overwatch K1ck

Michael "michr" Rosen

Jorge "kalinka" Rodriguez-Ortega

Arthur "Eissfeldt" Marx

Nils "mztikk" Feierabend

Timo "Taimou" Kettunen

Patrik "nkr" Flodin

Christian "quad" Sørensen



Antonio "WvR" Valenzuela


The players had a few words to say for the occasion, so here it goes:

k1ck-michr: "I am absolutely delighted to be part of k1ck once again and I am equally excited to get my hands on a game I've waited for a long time. I truly believe we have build a great roster that will do fantastic in Overwatch given enough time. I would like to thank Spirit for the trust he puts in us and I believe i can speak for the entire team that everyone is burning to compete in this exciting new game and show that we can truly become one of the best teams in the European region!"

k1ck-kalinka "I think this is the first time I have a chance to write an unusual statement, and I will take it proudly. Wearing the k1ck tag again means more to me than just that. It reminds me of some of the best times I've had in gaming, and not just because of the huge success we had in the Day of Defeat scene but more importantly because of the friendship we all developed that lasted throughout these years.

I've yet to experience a more dedicated and warm treatment from an organization than what we got from k1ck, and that's why when we decided to move onto Overwatch with a new team this was our first choice. And here we are, back as a team with a lot of potential and commitment to what we expect will be a highly competitive game and a new step in all of our lives. Looking forward to it."


This is indeed a happy moment in K1ck and really a pleasure to welcome all of the members in the new K1ck.ow team to our Club, a group of players that we are sure will be doing great things in this game.

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